Chartmaster breaks down what transports sell-off means for market

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Carter Worth, Cornerstone Macro, on a classical signal that’s showing more pain ahead for stocks. With CNBC’s Bob Pisani and Melissa Lee, and the Fast Money traders, Dan Nathan, Brian Kelly, Karen Finerman and Guy Adami.


Edmund Singleton says:

Shouldn’t this American President be labering in the oval office, minding the store engaging in prevention of the current market sell-offs, instead of galloping about the country railing against the caravanning immigrants, and mob campaign rallying on behalf of some predicted losing Republican candidates?

Cory Ryker says:

This Asian host is dumb as hell. How have they not canned her with all her failed attempts at humor alone?

david c says:

We have reached technological peak for the moment
There is no new things to consume
TV's are not any sharper,,smartphones are not any smarter

Justin Young says:

If products aren't being moved, people aren't buying.

Nikki Burris says:

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Tom Swanton says:

Hedge funds, mutual fund are readjusting their year end portfolios.. I've seen this movie before. The December effect pushes stocks higher and we all act surprised

Christopher Blain says:

that chart pattern was a vomiting camel

th tan says:

I like carter

synthartist69 says:

The broad economy remains strong.. LOL Yes, until next month then they will be screaming the economy is no longer strong..

synthartist69 says:

CNBC was screaming buy transports a month ago because they claimed they were outperforming the market. LOL LOL Transports aren't low enough…. Fedex needs to drop 50% at least.

Rudy Munoz says:

How does dan have a job?

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