#ChartWhisperer Oscar Carboni Says Technicals Weak in ES / NQ / Dow / DAX | Gold Up 01/21/2016 #1426

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Johan Rivera says:

The Market Rally was due because of "Super Mario" D. Stimulus speach, that he made 7 hours after this video. I can't see any reason for blaming #ChartWhispering Oscar C. He is not a clairvoyant and while he is more than 50% accurate with a simply Risk R.R. i'm looking at his videos taking advantage of his market analysis to understand this crazy market and making big profits at the same freaking time. Oscar I would like to apologize for all the people that can't think in a reasonable way and criticize you for dumb things. Thanks for the effort you put in every video, you are the best out there!

Gary Godman says:

you saved my 401k again Oscar hope to get back to futures with you again some day. dst.

Nick Arrigo says:

Jim Willie aka The GoldenJackass was all over the Fed's "phony" rate hike..meaning the hike was not seen in the Fed funds rate….at all! Moar hidden QE from the FED and the Treasury's ESF! How bout a hand for blatant market manipulation!!!!

brucemasson says:

Does the OMNI have a guess with oil now that IRAN is putting out?

SGDeGalvez says:

you are on fire oscar.

CoonShoot says:

How can you say that Crude is near a bottom when you are calling for 40% or more lower?

CoonShoot says:

Oscar needs to be more lively, he's too stone-faced…

Oscar Carboni says:

To the KNOW NOTHINGS that could not even shine one of OMNI's shoes… OMNIACS scored a ridiculous amount of points being short ES & NQ today. Its what you do with the information, not how you can pick apart what I said like a scorned ex wife to find tidbits to fight about. Try opening up your eyes. OMNI is nailing this cold just as it did in 2008. Try joining me instead of allowing your trading egos to miss out on a great opportunity.

Viola Wallace says:

Osar…sometimes I worry you might have a stroke doing your final routine. The goal is surviving. So much is gained by staying fit and healthy. Please temper your routine so as to save your life. I hope to start a NV investment corporation possibly this year. I want you to be arround to help me bring it to fruation. Its a good life if you just stay strong.

abc abc (Benji) says:

Oscar you gold loser

abc abc (Benji) says:

Oscar you gold lo…ser! why you want gold to go up? are you completely insane?

abc abc (Benji) says:

Oscar you gold loser! why you want gold to go up? are you completely insane?

abc abc (Benji) says:

Oscar you gold loser! why you want gold to go up? are you completely insane?

infinitesolutionsok says:

Oscar great energy!!

Ami Arviv says:

great stuff' thank you !!

Bob Smith says:

Oscar what's up with your OMNI? Should have listened to you intuition. Enjoy the rally.

Bob Smith says:

Market rallying as predicted. OMNI not so good today…

Vadim Vronsky says:

SUAT – Love it. I see from charts that /TF will hit big support at 862 vs. 833, and /CL has a good chance to hit 19 price level. vs. 20-21 range.
Thank you Oscar for all his work for goes for us on retail side.

Eugene Ceronio says:

the omni also got oil right (below $27): http://www.cnbc.com/2016/01/19/oil-prices-fall-further-on-glut-worries-us-crude-slumps-below-28.html

Robin Handler says:

Friday continues to look Bearish for Stocks.  Will be picking up some SPY Puts at the Close on Thursday.

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