#ChartWhisperer Oscar Carboni Stocks Short Term Bullish With BEARISH overtones 02/26/2016 #1439

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orangequant says:

Oscar, love the advice! Let me- free of charge- put it into a slogan for you: "When things go bad, don't back OFF- back DOWN." Misery loves company- can't believe how many times I've got it wrong in forex lately.

classic kool says:

Crazy market …  oil is the "master" and the s&p is the slave … go figure!

grantgrant77 says:

Hey Oscar, it seems there are people trying to trade but who don't understand that trading is about odds.

People, if you have a system that is say, 70% correct (a pretty good system in other words) That means that you will lose about 30 out of 100 trades. BUT, it also means that you could lose about 300 out of 1000 trades, and the KEY point to note is that the distribution is random, so you will always have periods where you have strings of losing trades. BUT, if you manage risk properly and keep your position sizes small enough to cope with periods of losses, then you will always win in the end because the odds are in your favor. This is why we use technical analysis – to find trade setups where the odds are in our favor. If you don't get the whole thing about odds, then you really shouldn't be trading – seriously, just save your money. And I honestly mean that in the nicest way possible. The bottom line is: you will never win on every trade, but if you listen to Oscar then you have a very good chance of winning in the long run. If you haven't read it already, then read "Trading in the Zone" by Mark Douglas, chapter 11 – Thinking like a Trader. This is one of the best books you could ever read.

John Doe says:

Back to basics.

OscarOutdoor says:

The OMNI is a trading plan. All plans must have losses, it's a cost of business. Oscar trades it with discipline. You do the same and your account balance will thank you.

Luis Recabarren says:

I am always with you been there in god and bad times. Keeping my focus and learning from you my master

Joe Momma says:

People here is why you should believe and listen to Oscar.
China continues to produce millions of items but there's no one to buy it. China has drowned in debt, China officially drowned there dead. Japan central bank is now creating quantitative easing for the old quantitative easing, japan is officially drowned in debt. Europe this is bad, banks are in the verge of collapse because of debt and with all the quantitative easing and much more to come it's a matter of time before Europe drowns in debt. The beautiful USA, with no growth, increasing unemployment and so much debt which will never be paid, never, ever. How can stocks make new highs really, how. Well I'll tell you in a minute. In the 1920's 1930's the world economy was not interlocked or woven like it is today. Therefore the deflationary effects in 1930's look nothing like today when you look only at the U.S. economy, though look at China, Japan, Europe and the US as one because we are woven together and compare these current issues with 1930's and you'll see a haunting similarity. So here is what will happen, there is going to be a major global collapse the collapse will cause banks to close, there will be a food shortage and crime will rocket. Its going to be a hard 2 or 3 months, but global federal reserve will introduce a new global currency and the beginning to the NWO.

theexiles100 says:

Thanx mate, your remaining true to your method should be a lesson to all, the rough patch will pass, as you know.

Ivan Poon says:

Burn! Hehe. Bearish still intact, but trading is very short term so manage the position.

Joe Momma says:

I believe in you,, you are 98% accurate that's pretty awesome.

Screww Googlle says:

Keep that Faith my Brother !

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