#ChartWhisperer Shows What A Difference One Day Can Make ES / NQ | Metals Heavy 10/23/2015 #1391

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Mike Donatelli says:

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W Ward says:

Oscar, the mettle of a trader is demonstrated (or tested) by how he performs when the market throws him a curve rather than when everything goes perfect. Winners are a select breed, but there's no shortage of losers willing to throw rotten tomatoes at other people's work. You put your neck out there with these videos while they cower in the shadows, hoping to ride your wave. Excellent trading yesterday, buddy!

Luis Recabarren says:

Tremendous recovary from that short trade, risk-managing is part of the games thanks O for these great knowledge. I have been follow you from 2009 and you been a value asset on my knowledge.

Nathan Toobian says:

nice recovery today Oscar, UY!

Al Korgan says:

What is omni?

N 10SZ says:

Quit Fucking Fags and get your shit right. You were wrong about everything yesterday.

James Fournier says:

Top video as usual Oscar. Can you do a little segment on flags in the next video – especially how you trade bull vs F flags?

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