China launches yuan-denominated crude oil futures trading

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China has launched trading of yuan-denominated crude oil futures contracts. We explain why it matters to overseas investors and beyond, in just a minute!


Samdee2017 Sam says:

China should cut economic ties with America..without Chinese product America will face natural death

kosannetjk says:


Ahasan Habib says:

it's true China coming after all super power

Lucky Yiw says:

China has long planned for this to happen – China petrol yuan to replace US petrol dollar.
Already 40 countries including the oil producing countries waiting for China to trigger
the solid gold back currency into petrol yuan/renminbi. that is Shanghai oil exchange.

Reina Chen says:

Thats great, China is smart and ready to help lead the world 中国梦

arif ullah says:

Yes yes good news……great china zindabad 👍

Sutello says:

Good 🇨🇳 💪💪💪💪
Destroy 🇺🇸
We love your sma📱rtphones😊

Perfect Storm says:

Bravo China👍

thndrngest says:

pound for pound, Chinese Yuan is backed by real gold value, the safest investment.

ioan dumitru says:

China can make even a bigger move – to make a separate Chinese railways builder company to participate in world market of Asia-Africa railways investments – lots of moneys from Arabian oilers. If China disrupt oilers from American financial system, than America will collapse next day after.

Life is Strange says:

Well… Now usa have a reason for bombing china…

master blaster says:

America's doomsday

BluesCreation09 says:

Congratulations! China, you have done it again. We love China.

Zhihong Li says:

RMB is replacing USD.

FoodforThought says:

Awful news, will increase corruption in China even more, and the government holding up the markets in a fake way

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