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I think everyone should have exposure to the Chinese stock market. This Chinese stock market crash is, as always, an opportunity to buy Chinese stocks on the cheap. The trade war and tariffs are exaggerated and the stock market prices are ridiculous with some stocks.
China stock market crash video discussion topics:
1:09 – Current and past China stock market crash
3:06 – Stock market sentiment – China
5:15 – China trade wars and tariffs are exaggerated
7:17 – Chinese economic growth facts
8:11 – Current Chinese stocks crash – all about sentiment
9:32 – Key drivers for the Chinese economy and stock market
12:26 – stock market and economy forecast
13:18 – how to invest in China – China investing strategy
17:37 – summary and conclusion

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Aryeh Hoenig says:

So Baba all the way?!?! ??

var1328 says:

My Oriental etf KBA is down ? 25% #*@%#! ??

Justin K says:

When US nominal GDP reaches 13Trillion in 2005, the GDP growth was 3.5%. China reached the nominal GDP of 13T with GDP growth of 6.5%.

Donald Bump says:

0:22 LOL Straight on Sven !

Brandon Gonzalez says:

"that's a jet," nice dramatic pause

Sam Rosicky says:

If I don’t have time at the moment to invest my time into researching specific companies, would it be smart to invest in Chinese etfs?

Investing with JYK says:

You mean 2015 bubble? 🙂

mike55mike55mike says:

Maybe a time to start a little china Index savings plan ?

Chris Goldsmith says:

Having a look at BEST, looking good.

Dr. Tetramin Flakes says:

tencent is great business, problem is not tencent but CHINESE GOVERNMENT interference.

Dr. Tetramin Flakes says:

I'm in long as in 18 years. Alibaba, tencent jd. baide is still too expensive.

Jack says:

hi Sven I love you can i work for you next summer

Camilo Sad says:

in summary, be greedy when others are fearful


You can not invest when after analysing all of the fundamentals you calculate that XYZing company SHOULD be a good buy just because the data saya so, this strategy will ding you since most people invest on greed and fear and impact the price of the market, and you must take this psychological phenomenon seriously and calculate it in your risk.

Buy very low, sell high, and be patient.

David Race says:

Thanks again Sven, you have my brain racing with new zealand company's with exposure to china.

Canine 7 says:

What stock were you referring to when you said u will buy more as it drops

Slimcat 007 says:

Sven, I love your channel. I listen or watch everyday. A bit of advice… Be careful what language you use when you refer to any ethnicity or racial group. You said, "they will eat their rice". Now, I don't think you meant anything by that, but some might hear that and take offense. Other than that YOUR CHANNEL IS AWESOME.

Jose Tangari says:

Sven, excellent video about China. Really thanks


Dovrebbero creare un premio Nobel per l'educazione finanziaria e consigli agli investimenti e assegnartelo ad honorem causa! Sei il numero 1 Sven!

MegaBuyer says:

Very good video (again!). It is nice to hear a calm voice in an ocean of panic.

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