China Stock Market Crash Impact on Global Markets 2016

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The Chinese stock market already weak going into the end of 2015 has started 2016 off with a BANG, literally crashing on a near daily basis by hitting the 7% circuit breaker daily limit moves prompting a closure of the market, only to resume to the free fall the following morning as investors panic sold on the open attempting to sell before the circuit breaker kicks in resulting in a market that locked out most retail investors. This daily 7% limit down crashes prompted the Chinese authorities on Thursday to suspend the circuit breaker which should have the effect of alleviating the panic selling going forward.

Find out what this means for China and global stock markets for 2016:

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Bob Smith says:

how goes your bull market?

Bob Smith says:

Hey Nadeem my man, how are you enjoying the bear market that you were blind to?

Bob Smith says:

Market will be singing this as it continues to crash

Bob Smith says:

Nadeem you must be smoking something over in the UK that is hazing you brain. The market is CLEARLY in a bear market and not a bull market like you contend. The US market is well under all key averages and the only semi decent economy in the world is the US but that too will be dragged down by poor world economies. I Cannot believe you are still peddling your bull mantra given the evidence in front of you nose.

John Barleycorn says:

Another good report, shared.

Aidan Brooks says:

Watching with interest Nadeem – Would love your view on the DAX and potential short term bottom next week?

bob smithers says:

by the time you get to your next analysis the market will be in the 1700s on the s&p

bob smithers says:

Nadeem you were incorrect about aths by end of 2015 and you are wrong again here. This is a bear market going much lower. DOW is now 16300. Even George Soros is in bear mode. Why did the US market fall 1% today on good employment numbers if this is not the start of a bear market or bad correction?

theIdlecrane says:

with all due respect sir, the world stocks are not crashing because Chinese stocks are crashing, world stocks are crashing because the Chines Yuan is crashing. Compare Chinese Yuan ( on shore and off shore), against a theoretical proxy Hong Kong Dollar, you will see the difference.

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