China stock market crash: ‘Not a catastrophe, but rather very serious problem’

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In China, stock markets are recovering from days of investor panic which have seen massive sell-offs.
The crisis forced the country’s stock exchange regulator to impose severe limits on share trading.
We asked Liu Baocheng, from the Centre for International Business Ethics, whether the government should be getting so heavily involved.


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Munna Ncs says:

this how govt used its resources to invest in stock market to let it rise to120%

Della Weyant says:

See ANDY LANK METHOD . I am using this product since 3 weeks and i am getting good profit.

Audra Maxwell says:

The world stock market is run by the world bank. China has been purging 100 of billion treasuries, also Russia. Gas prices have been on decline everyday for a week. This is strategic. Wait for it.

Audra Maxwell says:

China has been dumping treasury's for the past 6 months. So has Russia.

Pablo Pinheiro says:

China will remain one of the most important industrial areas of the world . We're talking about wages, environmental policies and taxes. Saw no changes in this direction.We have low commodity, american bull market coupled with the high dollar. Europe entering stable trajectory . Shanghai index next next of 2007. This values ​​should China pull up.

JohnChenGoogling says:

The early July stock market "crash" had been predicted for a long while. Western main media had been trying to talk down the stock market and the Chinese government had been prepared for market "correction".
But what the Chinese authorities should now investigate how much of the run up and for how long can really be blamed on Illuminati Agenda to weaken the Chinese confidence in their economy, as to cause a panic selling, as part of an economic warfare conducted from Europe and / or America.
Good job that China's real saving rate is some 33 pct so if there had been an engineered attempt to cause an Asian Financial Market Crash like that they did on Southeast Asian nations, they have failed this time round.
By investigating the extent, the method, the networking that they used, the Chinese authorities will be even better prepared against the next attack.
Big Money is behind this. Fortunately for China, the Chinese Stock Market is not completely open to such an attack, as at best, the Big Money foreign funds can only perform partial in and out tsunami of fund flows. Unlike in the past Asian Financial Crisis, when they crashed the stock market, crashed the currencies, and bought up hard earned local real corporate assets dirt cheap in Thailand, in Malaysia, in Indonesia.
Thaksin was rumoured to be a secret Illuminati member and enjoyed support on his way up the ladder in Thai high society. But when he refused to let Thailand to be completely taken over, he was deposed.
Malaysia's former Finance Minister Ibrahim was probably not a secret member of the international NW0 Octopussy, but because he had a soft ear for foreign advice, more hard headed Malaysian leaders got rid of him, double quick.
It remains to be seen how competent the Chinese government and the Party Discipline can perform in such dangerous times with Big Money predatory funds awashed with cash looking for the next economy, next nation they can prey on.

pen mightygun says:

typically this will mean a slow down in the manufacturing, less energy demand and lower polution. china will adapt much faster than most countries

Alejandro Riquelme says:

china is a thrid world country with an industrial revolution that has gained them temporary riches but has completely destroyed their environment and water supply. Russia is an oil rich country that is in a major recession as the US becomes a major producer of crude and influences opec pricing. In 2008 china and russia tried to take out the American economy but the saudis saved it, now they are fighting back to demonstrate who the real superpowers of the world are and its not russia and its not china.

nipols says:

Hahaha from Japan suck it faggots!

BlizzPort says:

whatever man

Mac Clark says:

Kinda wild the way China takes care of their sell-off. The markets of the world have reached a climax to their buffoonery. The elevated positions they have reached are important. As when the real collapse begins the game is rigged. The wealthy will absorb the millionaires by the 10's of millions. The little guy with 401k's and pensions will be on the streets. And all of the financial problems will seem unimportant with pandaemonium on the streets. As the majority meaning over 95% have no clue its coming.

kuton says:

like who cares about china destroying the world,china itself is not even as a payment for the damage it cause.

Mechyuda says:

Liu Baocheng has very mediocre English skills.  His economic concepts seem to be excessively based on Western voodoo economics.

Dimitri Vincheov says:

China is imploding…next America will feel the brunt when China dumps US Treasury bonds…hyperinflation tsunami to follow

Alejandro Riquelme says:

i wrote on rt that china had 4 trillion in bad debts in housing markets all over the world. They tried to hide it, then they bail out russia with trillions of dollars. Then they tried to hack the nyse and got bit real hard. Wait till you c what happens tomorrow, and everyone starts to dump chinese junk bonds.  Russia and china have only 1 way out, thats war. The US has already prepared underground cities, tunnels, food, water systems since the 1960s. Russia and china lose.

MWCstream says:

#Bitcoin Is doing really well.

largelysubatomic says:

Everyone has known for years already that China's massive debt-financed construction bubble was going to burst eventually.  If you didn't see this coming a LONG time ago, you simply havent been paying attention.

Mechyuda says:

Every stock market goes up and down.  Don't panic every time the stock market goes down, and don't celebrate every time the stock market goes up.  Have a realistic analysis of both short-term and long-term trends.

Hayden Eden says:

This guy is a good shit talker and staller for time. He keeps his job this week.

Obi Juan says:

Don't forget folks, every financial crisis was preceded by the media and general public saying it wouldn't go down and ignoring all the massive signs that bad times were on the horizon.

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