China Stock Market Crash To Create Full Blown Global Panic

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Gerald Celente : When you hear guy like Soros come out as he did earlier this week , talking about Chinese debt bubble which is estimated now to be about 30 trillion dollars from 500 billion 20 years ago. So guy like Soros comes out and say “stimulus can buy you additional time but makes problem that much bigger, that`s where we are”. This bubble they are building up is going to burst …



Fook Seng Loke says:

Should go to China to see the change, year after year. Propping up the economy? My foot. You can manipulate figures and statistics but you cannot manipulate physical wealth.

James Goodrich says:

I must say gerald Celeste knows what he's talking about…he's a respectable man that knows his shut…get your heads out of your assets and wake up….only u can prepare yourselves for what's to come…God bless and thanks for sharing..

Shelley F says:

Started Watching – Heard this guy quote Soros as an expert instead of a bastard —- stopped watching

Charles Wilson says:

so because of your rasic bias. you fucking believe a fuck like Saros. you must have ones the size of mung beans

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