China’s Latest Financial Crash Shakes the World Economy | China Uncensored

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The entire world is being affected by the latest Chinese stock market crash and there are no signs that this volatile market is going to stabilize anytime soon.

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drakken717 says:

And my broker wondered why I closed my S&P new markets account 5 years ago.  Too many manipulations but corrupt officials with false reports…  Just because your on Wall Street doesn't mean your smarter then anyone else, just means your just as likely to get caught with your pants down…  But I do love my Gold commodities futures :)….  maybe in 30-90 days I'll buy back gold when the world markets stabilize and Gold prices fall and await the next melt down–which you can bank on… that is when a slowdown in Western economies drop consumption of Chinese goods—AWH THE JOYS OF BEING MOSTLY AN EXPORT ECONOMY and not balanced with a consumption economy (de-valuing currency makes the latter less affective)

AaronHawkins Productions (Mcmaster555) says:

those cunts

ChandRoshniGuy says:

China is sinking…great unrest coming.

e8iMm7KE999 says:

China provides cheap labor for the USA companies. So what the Chinese stock market crashes and/or has a correction. The cheap labor will not go away because the market is crashing. It is cheaper for USA companies to out-source jobs to China. Than to bring back slavery in the USA.

ROBLOX Builders says:

Anyone else die laughing when the musical kicked in..? ini | WE ARE ALLLL IN THISSS TOGETHAH! 😀 |

alex mendoza says:

You should make a video about the canal in Central America.

Andrew Cobb says:

But China's market had no relation to the others…. the US markets were down on weak growth numbers and treacherous growth predictions. Europe was down on oil and jobs numbers in Germany and UK. China just had 3 bad days, 2 of which due to the circuit breakers, as opposed to nearly every day on world markets being less painful but consistently bad.

StephenAndrew777 says:

The Chinese Communist Party is causing global financial issues by interfering with the markets more than a civilized nation ever does? But why would communists interfere with something important? You're reaching, Chris. Please stop spreading these rumors.

Plugger says:

you should make america uncensored to show all the bad in america too.

Madan Niroula says:

Why are these fucking whites so concerned about China?

Pilsbury Doeboy says:

China makes stuff, the US buys stuff. When the petrodollar colapses the US becomes third world!

iwfj giggi says:

me so robbed

DavidisDawei says:

2016 is going to be a powder keg year for the USA…
Unfortunately those who are reliant on the government or too set in their lives to adapt are going to be hurt the most

I do not think most people in the USA fathom how far we're falling (yes, it has been happening) – and could fall to;
Don't worry about China – they will adjust better than the USA to these steps backwards – the level of poverty and absence of "possessions" is not so foreign and most Chinese have lived with


This is my first time watching his videos and let me say this is REALLY SHIT! I bet that over 80% of the likes on this channel are stupid AMERICAN REDNECKS that think they are the best in the world.

Kelvin Chung says:

China's stock market, Oh, fxxk

Oliver Newell says:

This is what happens when you invest and put too much trust into a country like China. Japanese analysts have said for a while that the world has too much of a reliance on Chinas economy, that they are too optimistic about it. The amount of trouble and fear that doing business in China now causes is now forcing western businesses out of china, thats just a fact.

Ina Nas says:

china is the most bullshit country in the world,recently went there and a mother was making her child poo in centre of the forbidden city, police were shouting at her and she was like who cares and making her child poo in between the whole city with thousands of tourists around and youll see such children without pants atleast in 20 more places before leaving china

Scarlet Ochiai says:

please do a video on Tzuyu's 'scandal' from Twice

TREX LEX says:

u.s not doing so good either.

This is England says:

The stock market is a gamble, sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. If you lose then stop CRYING LIKE A BABY. If your going to CRY LIKE A BABY EVERYTIME YOU LOSE, then don't gamble on the stock market, FECKING IDIOTS.

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