China’s stock market bubble has popped, so what’s next?

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Ezra Levant of puts the Chinese stock market crash into historical perspective: When the US stock market crashed and ushered in the Great Depression, it lost 25% of its value in two days. China’s just lost 30%. “That’s 15 Greeces.”

China’s recent economic growth has pulled hundreds of millions of people out of poverty and into the middle class. So what happens to them now?

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Pavle Pavlovic says:

biggest Hypocrite ive heard till now

xtc nz says:

The US … a Democracy?  You're joking right? The West hides it's dictatorial ruling classes better. At least the Chinese government did something abt the crash! A government not influenced by big business.  They didn't throw billions of tax payer $$ at the problem, only to see wealth disappear down the pit of corruption that is the US banking system.

Marcell Rodden says:

China's economy doesn't depend on the stock market, unlike the west. China is still winning. Ezra is always worth a laugh though.

Malinche Isidro says:

Congratulations, disgusting Chinks!


Wow this video was published on a weak Wednesday the same day they shut down the stock market fr over 3 hours it was like a referee stopping the fight can you say rigged carnival

Ashura says:

+1 subscribe 

Stupid People says:

The REAL ESTATE BUBBLE IS ABOUT TO BURST this is why everyone is leaving, the Shanghai Stock crash is nothing compared to what is coming next week.

george bushem says:

The work I do will only increase as china falls.
Let'em crash and burn.

Albert W says:

You are a deep man.

Richard Ziegler says:

economic terrorism is all around us.

haoru chen says:

It's due to rise again, and again, and again…. There's no where else for all these money to go. His sarcasm is misplaced, this idiot.

e james says:

I would just like to say to my red chinese friends,  as an anglo-amurican,………………."there is nothing to fear, but fear itself ">
chew on that for awhile you slant-eyes.
and remember,.obama is a knee-grow.

Stupid People says:

Something tells me China wont have a double digit GDP Growth this year.

shili yang says:

lol how is the one child policy a facist thing , first of all it was created to ease the overpopulation in china back in the 80s. For the one child policy ,it is more favourable that you have one child because you might not be able to financial support it and with one child u have the government financial support with you also the ocp is not a thing that you have to do ,it is recommend and most people pefer it because it is better financial. SO YA IF YOU DONT KNOW CHINESE CULTURE OR IF YOU HAVENT BEEN TO CHINA SHUT UP.

Peter Miller says:

lol mccarthyism? such a rebel!

Rodge Binis says:

don't u worry about china, they haven't even started printing money like we did ten years ago…

Robert Sambello says:

Well this is what China gets for manipulating their currency and stock market, the whole system was built on corruption never on anything that was true. If you are dishonest this is what you get. Their stock market was floating on empty air for years it is that it just caught up now.

Robert Sambello says:

Today if you look around the world many countries are leveraged (in debt), so the real issue is a liquidity problem around the globe. China and Europe minimal growth in terms of GDP today this is affecting the global market as a whole. The U.S has been able to shield itself, but our economy and our growth has been based on manipulation by the Whitehouse to paint a rosier picture. This will come to haunt us soon, we cannot continue to pretend all is sound and well. I know bad news is never taken well, but we are not being prepared for the realities of what is happening around the globe. Lastly, a global market crash is certain in the next ten years or so if not sooner, again it goes back to leverage and being leveraged by many countries.

QuarterMan88 says:

Damn this guy is so full of shit. Just another useless propaganda whore. GFY.

Daryl Revok says:

If you ask me this is intentional as an excuse for the Chinese governemnt to shed some unwanted population.

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