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The Chinese stock market is now in a bear market officially. We must talk about if the China bear market can creep into the US stock market and cause a bear market or stock market crash here in 2018. We will also talk about China’s options in regards to the tariffs and trade war with United States.
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Financial Education says:

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53philp says:

Trump better back off China a bit before they bite us in the ass. China owns ALL the ports on our Pacific coast and some Gulf ports and the Atlantic coast.

James Gillis says:

Bought BABA on the dip

Davide Mantovani says:

What China should and will do eventually to have a sustainable growth model is to start paying decent salaries to their employees and form a middle class that could buy their own product. At the moment an a nation they are too dependent on exports and especially to the US of course.

BigORat says:

So, if we put a tax (tariff) on every consumer good we import, which is just about everything, because we don't manufacture much here anymore, don't you think the prices of consumer goods will sky-rocket? in the U.S.? And won't this burden the poor? who buy cheap stuff at places like Wal-mart, Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Ollie's Bargain Barn etc? All that cheap stuff for the poor comes from China and India and Mexico…overseas stuff.

K Hersey says:

I bought this ETF "KWEB" China's biggest Web Related businesses. I am still up from when I bought and I am going to keep holding it. Down 12 percent in June back up today. It includes BAIDU, ALIBABA, TENCENT and JD.COM in the top 5 holdings.

Paul Zollmann says:

You are missing the point. China has to fight back because trump was the first to start with tariffs. If China does not fight back then they will look weak which will cause instability among their people and the Chinese government is much more concerned about instability than economic pain.

You underestimate the the Chinese if you think they don’t have the stomach for a trade war. You also underestimate America’s dependence on China. America buys their products because they are cheap and America depends on China to buy American bonds to finance debt

Trump is in over his head and has no idea what he is doing and has no long term plan.

If he wanted to confront China then he would have been better off getting the EU and Canada on side because they are also worried about China. Instead Trump pissed of the EU and Canada at the G7 so now Trump is on his own and China won’t blink first.

wayne mcclory says:

Or China could just dump half or all of the T Bonds in one day. A Friday of a long weekend with other countries following them. Sorry I’m out of the market until the market hits rock bottom.

sgtOOX says:

Really good scenario break down and overview

Luke Hebert says:

I'm very happy what President Trump is doing right now with our advantages in the trade war, very smart.

Guruprasad Pai says:

JD is the best buy out of all Chinese stocks IMO. Wall street hates it and prefers BABA which makes it a great long-term buy as the fund managers are slways short term focused. JD is also investing a lot into logistics like AMZN did a decade ago, so profits will come in spades once these initial investments are done with. JMTC.

Richard Gardner says:

The thing with China is they depend on GDP growth to pay debt. They have fueled their economy with debt, I believe its over 100% GDP right now. So they need 8-12% growth to pay that debt. So I don't think a 4% GDP growth would be good for China.

RDLMeThat says:

I think this could trigger their real estate collapse. Better make a deal with Trump or they are in big trouble.

Cristian Cortes says:

Do you guys think it’ll come over to the U.S.??

Nicolas Szpytowski says:

For the online business videos , you should mention Instagram, it has become very powerful!

Liwei Cao says:

I paid $1200 for Apple 7 plus in China.

With a Backpack says:

So many Nostradamuses and China experts that have never stepped foot or done business in China in this comment section…

J J says:

How do you make things fair when Chinese people are paid poorly??? It's like crybaby rich guy complain that he has to pay more tax than the poor now the poor guy has to pay the same as the rich guy….the poor guy loses…and that hurts everybody.

Zamasu says:

What are your thoughts on China possibly dumping US Treasury holdings in retaliation to the Tariffs?

happy larry says:

You are the only one talking about the chinese stockmarket crashing. Subscribed

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