ClayTrader Mail: How to Lose $81,000 Trading Stocks

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ClayTrader Mail: How to Lose $81,000 Trading Stocks

I give this person a boatload of credit for sharing their story with me. Ideally, this real life example can save some new traders who want to start trading the massive headaches and mess-ups that can occur when you approach the stock market in a way that contains no plan.

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Lockon Gamer says:

This is not for you as your stuff is pretty good. But I see so many traders trying to sell their books videos, It sometimes makes me think they probably aren't making money off trading that is why they are looking for other ways to generate income. I don't see too many successful traders only a few big names, What do you think is the reason that a very few traders succeed, whether it's swing trading or day trading.

Jordan Langelier says:

Hello Clay, I'm 18 and am just starting to look into trading. I've been very cautious about who I listen too and who I should disregard in terms of investing tips/advice. I wanted to ask though, how should someone like me begin? I have ideas and plans in motion but I have no guidance I feel.

fvckitsnico says:

You can make some money out of your credit card, the possibility is there, " it can happen " but always remember that he should not compare his "Chapter 1" from others' "Chapter 20". People might be using credit card to day trade comfortably but they took a long journey to do that. He is in a messy way of jumping right in, learning to trade with a capital , you can learn 2 things -when you win, the reward is money -when you lose the reward is educational cost, but learning first to trade from debt,-even you win, you are still in debt unless you make 100%+ which is impossible to make as a novice jumping right in -when you lose, you get less confident, you get fear, you owe a lot, you think of where to get those money to pay your debts, mental breakdown by trading some more and lastly you don't take any education from your mistakes seriously as it is NOT your money.

Leroy Brown says:

I really appreciate you helping us out. Im about to start trading soon and the thought of it is kind of scary. Thank you very much for your work, also fellow Canadian.

gbeezy says:

I am taking my money instead of paying down school loans and car loan and put it into the stock market I see a 3-5 interest avg on my loans as a worse investment then the stock market. this is though on top of making all my standard payments. I'm talking about instead of making extra payments onto my loans to pay them down faster. maybe use the stock money to eventually help pay the debt down. if I paid the loans only that's putting all my money into one thing spreading it around causes some type of diversification in a way if I need the stock money I can pull it worst case once it's paid to the loan you can't get it back.

though this person talked about in the video basically traded 25k of credit card money. I read on reddit someone getting a credit card 18 months no interest and took a cash advance and put it all on a single stock might have used margin too if I remember lol

Steven Biard says:

Well done Josh for taking responsibility and now paying down the debt the "old fashion" way! Tough road but I'm sure when the debt is taken care of, I'm sure you'll be a successful trader!

Good video Clay

bulltraderpt says:

Clay, Now I understand most people would probably be better off going on a course, and I fully understand that providing education is something you do as part of your living. Do you accept that you can train yourself? I ask because I am self taught and here in the UK the level of 'training' is woeful, i.e. there is no accepted standard as to the quality of the training you are going to get. I obviously don't know if it the same over in the US or not?

shalvin prakash says:

Wow that's a really scary story there Clay, hopefully people can learn from this video, that you can't expect things to fall in place without hard work and training.

Ricardo Teixeira says:

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