CME + Bitcoin Futures Crash Bitcoin Price?

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Benjamin Ben says:

Still here, this guy is a fucking idiot. Dont give him your money or you will get fucked.

Youngman lee says:

This guy is the Farakahn of BTC lmao I feel like hes up to something sneaky but i cant help but think hes making really good points

Corey Ihler says:

This is exactly what I told my friend he is 100% right. And you can make way more money in the Futures selling short then you can off the volatility in Bitcoin

Habeev07 says:

Tell me if I am right, please. So they buy one bitcoin (yeah right way more) and then they buy a hundred futures contracts (yeah right way more) and then they sell that one bitcoin at a specific time to actually drop the price right as the contracts are up, and they make profit gap for each contact?

Shane Arleigh Agres says:

your research is superb. thank you for sharing this. i hooe i can afford your product but its too much for me right now. please keep on sharing.

85jmurk says:

Sure the price might get controlled and go down a whole lot, but there's plenty other cryptos to take BTC's place even if wallstreet is successful with driving the price down of BTC. BTC ,ETH, LTC are only the beginning .

Gowtham V says:

Makes perfect sense. Thanks for your videos have subscribed. Keep them coming.

James Htori says:

Man. You can't grow bitcoin. It doesn't work like that. It can't be protected or invested. It's literally just money.

Armando Cabrera says:

Bitcoin is the short of a lifetime superseding the dot com era pump and short.

Devil Dog says:

whats your entry point. My thought is under 10k. What is your thought on how this effects lite coin and ether. I am new n crypto and started buying Light coin. I have heard that if BC sells it will flow into LT and Ether and others. Liked and Sub. They are doing the same exact thing to AMD. But worse. Now way AMD should be under 10

UNBOXED anything & everything. says:

Can anyone tell me in short what actually he wanted to say?

Daniel Marin Molina says:

and what about GCR? THE 22x coin? . Thanks!

How to Buy Bitcoin Live Chat BitcoinDudeTV says:

How do you guys secure your btc?

How to Buy Bitcoin Live Chat BitcoinDudeTV says:

How do you guys secure your btc?

Viva_AM says:

Mark of the beast. Don't fall for it.

Divine Attunements says:

Make more videos like this.

rickeyponder says:

of course it is, halving is coming around soon again, have to go up to make the asics profitable, same thing that happened to get it to it's current high price

ArrogantKey says:

If you love life donate pls


mateen adeel says:

I Agree with u Brother, Good Job

Kenneth Reid says:

Resistance becomes support.

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