CNBC’s Jim Cramer breaks down Wednesday’s big stock sell-off

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CNBC’s Jim Cramer discusses the ongoing market selloff that shed 500 points off the Dow.


Kourosh Shafi says:

This guy is a joke!

Reggie says:

Kramer made more people poor in 2008 than he did rich who took his advise. Nothing he says has any value.

Agree says:

PURPLE Tie. ugh.

Maxwell Smart_086 says:

FED = Fraud Executives of Domestic banks. Any questions? Don´t trust any bank or broker or white collar crime expert. 😉

Budd Heineken says:

The bald guy is squealing like a pig

Justin Diaz says:

Listen to this Buffoon and you will loose money

Edmund Singleton says:

Shouldn’t this American President be labering in the oval office, minding the store engaging in prevention of the current market sell-offs, instead of galloping about the country railing against the caravanning immigrants, and mob campaign rallying on behalf of some predicted losing Republican candidates?

Mike Chen says:

What I like to know does the guy go to church on Sunday

Ming Chinese Language Instructor says:

Of course cramer wants cheap $ cuz he is a stock guy. But imagine, if one day the green back goes cheaper than the chinese money, the US will be really fucked. Higher rates is the only defender, besides her military might.

Ming Chinese Language Instructor says:

When you hear sustained high pitched voice from a guy, you know he is bullshitting. Bear market, here it comes.

Np S says:

Oh man how about talking a little deeper so high pitched seriously sounds like Woody Allen.

Foxxtrott1100 says:

Markets a Casio scam. The real problem is people's 401k's get Jacked up. Thankfully my company let's me stay 95% cash and only holds 5% of my money hostage.

brad mcgrath says:

Cramer, what a clown. Days before the last recession he was saying all is great. He is as dumb as his partner kudlow, now Trump's guy

John Rivinius says:

Cramer is a idiot

Roy M says:

i dont really care what anyone says..the stock market has been in a bull run for 9 years, i dont care if we still have a little higher run to go, the potential downside compared to the upside is bad. feel much safer sitting on the sidelines and let the market cool off however long it takes.

Patrick Hoffman says:

I don't follow Cramer often, but I feel like he hasnt been wrong at all any of the times I've followed his advice. I really hope he's right about real estate a year from now in that last line. It's tiring to have money and still not be able to afford anything in this insane market.

leebog31 says:

Do the opposite of what mainstream media is telling you.

Mike X says:

Jim like Bear Sterns. He likes them.


CRAMER is the biggest fool on the Street.

Adrian Barbuio says:

This was a fantastic literary journey.

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