Codefibo Software App Update – 1 Month RESULTS!

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Today marks 1 solid month using the codefibo software and Im very impressed. Not many trading applications come our way which i would consider trusting, especially since most are scams we expose on this very channel. However the codefibo app as shown itself to be extremely resourceful and beneficial for beginners as well with easy autotrading signals and signal for manual trading as well.
I invite you to visit our channel and watch our previous videos for a better understanding and learn how simple the codefibo trading system has become! Dont forget the Special Offer as well! Cheers!

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V says:

Hi there Paul! Question: Based on your current results, what was your trading hours? And I'm from Canada (eastern time), what would you recommend? Thanks.

Braian Nunes says:

Hi Paul. What's the best service CodeFibo or Binabot? Thanks!

John Liu says:

I want to start but which should i use? Codefibo or Copy Buffet? Which is more recommended?

topazjnr says:

hi paul, do i need to verify my broker account 1st, before i can using code fibo? thanks

Shellboss 45 says:

Hey Paul, I have been trying to sign up for the Codefibo software but every time i try i get the message saying "use different email" i have tried four(4) other emails that are not linked with any brokers and getting the same thing. I am in Jamaica if that makes a difference. Is there anything you can do to assist?

Ozzy Daniel says:

Hello Sir, I just signed with code Fibo and my broker is stern option. Do know anything about this broker

Eliz Franco says:

pleace make more videos on live trading using manual trading using codefibo.. thanx for the videos you are a good teacher 🙂

saade baram says:

hey Paul, great video again!!!! can you please give me the email address for code fibs support as i need to email them to find out why my app is not taking auto trades???? It gave me swiss royal banc, i have verified my account but still no trades? Please help.

G M says:

Binabot update?

Zachary Robinson says:

Did you withdrawal any money from the codefibo? or is the money you generated be in your account since you started?

Muhammad Arsyad says:

Paul. I have applied for codefibo. Got But for withdrawal they are asking for telephonic exchange. Is mandatory. Im just afraid they will ask for more deposits or sales related. How to overcome this ?

Balázs Vígh says:

Awesome results! When do you use Codefibo software? Which is your time zone? I am in CET.(Hungary)

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