Coffee with Markus – Dow Crashes 2,000 points – What's Next?

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The stock market crashed, going limit down this morning. Oil was down more than 30% overnight with an “Oil Price War” brewing between Saudi Arabia and Russia.

In this broadcast:
– After today’s massive drop, will we see a rally this week?
– What to do when markets are crazy like this.
– My take on the Coronavirus and what I personally do
– The “Robinhood Disaster” and what you should do it you’re a Robinhood user

Here are the links I promised in the video:
– How To Take Advantage of the Stock Market Crash:
– My Trading Routine:
– Best Trading Indicator For Swing Trading:

My sources re. the Coronavirus:

Rockwell Power Spreads Special:

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Kathy Ju says:

You are so amazing. Thank you for the lesson of this video. You are our Jesus.

Monique Castro says:

like ur video so much marchus very informative,, can you pls. also make a video how to do a value investing.. means how to look a for a cheap stocks with great value….. more power.

Systematic Trader says:

Great video. I think people should watch less of TV and blockbusters maybe then there would be less in stupid panic. In my opinion all this COV histeria is artifitial. Just in case some statistics: everyday there is more than 3500 people are dying in road accidents all over the world, there is 3500 people died in avia accients over last 10 years. And ONLY 4000 people died from COV and 60 000 people have recovered from COV. We are living in crazy manipulated world!

Mike Parry says:

Dow futures up 200 points

DoC Clupper says:

I wonder if other brokerage accounts offer debit cards to use to withdraw their money from their brokerage accounts? Robinhood did offer debit card and interest when there's "cash" in the Robinhood account.

Marc Schissler says:

For the young people who didn't live through 1987 – This was simply amazing. Today the drop was the biggest ever. You are living through history so take note!

audrey may says:

😄 Chocolate! 🍫

Madhu Katakam says:

Markus, The youtube URL's for 3 different topics are all the same.
Here are the links I promised in the video:
– How To Take Advantage of the Stock Market Crash:
– My Trading Routine:
– Best Trading Indicator For Swing Trading:

Can you please correct it?

Sam Anshilevich says:

Hi, when things stabilize to buy again, will it be short term buying or long term as well?

john bassett says:

No comments on YouTube available.

Shviko says:

amazing content keep up the good content

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