Coffee with Markus – Stock Market Crash 2020 – What To Do Right Now

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Stock Market Crash 2020 – What To Do Right Now

Chariman Powell, came out Sunday with a surprise announcement that in an effort to help the collapsing markets, the Fed would be cutting interest rates to 0-0.25%. In addition, he said the Fed has decided to fire up the money printing presses and resume some version of Quantitative Easing.

In this addition of “Coffee With Markus” we’re going to discuss:
– When will we see a bottom?
– Is this a buying opportunity?
– Should I bet on a falling market and buy puts now?
– What’s the best market to trade right now: stocks, options, futures, …?
– Should I buy Gold?
– Or should I just be in cash?
– What should I do if my portfolio got crushed?

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