Coinbase Vs Bitcoin Cash, Stock Market Crash And Ethereum / Litecoin Price Prediction – 025

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Razor Gaming says:


OgdenThorntonFamily says:

Regarding Litecoin, part of going into 3 digits may come from ICO's accepting it as payment for their ICO coins.

Billy Bob says:

Is it possible to buy part of a bitcoin? like .25?

Nhactrans says:

Eth up 1000$

bhargav chowdary says:

617.65 current price

AndrejCibikDesign says:

I had an argument with my boss about bitcoin and what would financial collapse do to it. Will it go up or down? What do you think?

Jack Sparrow says:

You speak of a coming Bull run, and another video is saying we are in a bear market and the end is cming within the next weeks … I find it very hard to make opinions.

Johnny Rocket says:

Good lord I think CB would have had a responsibility to explain to its users that "Hey, us not supporting BTC Cash means it's like a stock split and we ain't giving you your new stock!" That would have shut them down if they had. Major lawsuit coming sounds like. Who runs that wallet, Homer Simpson? Doh!

cesar marroquin says:

Amazing analisys, lets get rich!!

Ann Gautier says:

on 6/12 ethereum's high was $407.10.

ash smitty says:

I put bitcoin in my Blockchain wallet. I still don't have BCC

Avinash Varma says:

btc market cap was supposed to go down by the value of bcc market cap. But that is not the case. How can 7 billion dollars of wealth be created from thin air. This is the reason why crypto currency space is crazy. Its too much of a bubble. In normal world, if you create more currency, the currency should be devalued.

Louie Vanderhyde says:

I used my extra money and I now have 25.5 Litecoin ($1071), but so far no bitcoin. I've been doing some thinking now unsure which is the better long-term investment.

Alan Land says:

So how do people with private wallets get their BCC, if they own BTC at fork time?

Bernard Stals says:

I like your rambling! Very interesting haha

hyenalover26 says:

Some exchanges who have not displayed interest trading bitcoin cash is now trading it today. Just look at bittrex, they claim they will just credit it. What does this mean?

Joseph M says:

Modern Investor, how do you think litecoin will fare in the future ? Thank you.

Bargain Hunters Paradise says:

I didnt get my BCC I want it so I can buy something else

Jonathan Thomas says:


Vinicius Rodrigues Sant Anna says:

Jump on things that are popular?? Took Coinbase years to add LTC! They were the first to say that they wouldn't add BCH, they even increased the withdraw limit in order to let all withdraw whatever BTC they had!

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