Commodity Market Trading Strategies In Crude Oil Mini

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Ajaysing Rajput says:

This is superb strategy to stay invested as per d market volitality n get d average benefits..
Great! thank u so much sir..

Ram Babu says:

Sir, ur this video is better then previous one… (with same heading). Yes ur absolutely right. i divided this into two sessions. one from 10.00 A.M to 06.30 P.M. with 10 point average ( by this time i am trying to close my all positions) for fresh entry for US session. And for US session trading with 30 Points Average and for Inventory day following this statergy with 40-50 points average..

further i prepared one excel sheet with three parameters ( Manual Step, Percentage Step, and Range Step). and one more thing after viewing ur video i stoped subscribing data to my charting software. Now a days am feeding data from my trading terminal through dde and created one afl too for charting software.

10-6.30 (max up or down 100 points) 
7 pm 2 10.30 pm ( 300 points (- or +) pre US session = whatever it comes that much of points ) 
if not getting oppertunity to exit Hedging wth next month contract and waiting for next days move to avoid gap up or down loss )

Thanks a lot for Guidance.

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