Commodity Trading Zerodha – Part 1

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Commodity Trading Zerodha – Part 1 , Crude oil trading Crude oil mini futures

Stocks, mutual funds, and bonds come to mind when we think about investment avenues. But materials of daily use are also great investment options. Some examples are commodities like cotton, wheat, and copper.

Commodities play a key role in spurring economic growth. They connect countries through trade and commerce. Like stocks, commodities trade as investment instruments at commodities markets around the world. In fact, these markets complete trades worth billions of dollars each day.

Commodities market traders come from diverse backgrounds. They can be farmers who want to protect themselves from falling food grain prices, or brokerage houses who want to make big profits for their clients. They may also be business owners who use commodities as production inputs. They trade in commodity futures to protect themselves from an increase in the price of their input commodities. Whatever your interest may be – risk minimization or profit maximisation – the commodity futures market can cater to it.

Commodity Futures also have some structural attributes that make them an important component of an investor’s portfolios. One of these attributes is that they let you take bigger positions than your means allow. Taking bigger positions means that investing the same amount in commodities can earn you higher returns than investing it in a conventional investment option.

In India, commodity trading is relatively new. The country’s two biggest commodity exchanges only came up in 2003. But individuals and institutions are fast realising the benefits of commodities trading. An increasing number of investors are now setting aside a portion of their investment portfolio for commodities trading.

At present, commodities can be traded on three national-level exchanges in the country: Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd (MCX), National Commodity and Derivative Exchange (NCDEX) and National Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd (NMCE). There are also 21 smaller exchanges that offer commodities trading at the regional level. The annual turnover of India’s five leading commodities exchanges stands at over Rs. 65 lakh crore.


vaibhav panchal says:

Sir my Question is regarding Short shelling.
Can we carry forward short shelling for next day ??
Example I short shell (Shell first buy letter) Axis bank futures 1 lot @ Rs 550 (550*1200 unit) now price rise by Rs 10 so I m in loss.

In this case can i wait for 2-3 days or till expiry date for buy back to complete my order.
Some were i herd we can keep futures for overnight but i confused that overnight means only for next day or many more days

dr prem jio says:

great introduction to commodities

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