Concerns over Dubai gold trading practices

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Allegations have surfaced of gold being traded in the world’s biggest marketplace, Dubai, in breach of international guidelines restricting the trade of gold from conflict zones.

A former partner from the global accountancy firm Ernst and Young has told Al Jazeera he found billions of dollars’ worth of gold was being traded in cash, and that gold had been painted silver to get past customs regulations.

Al Jazeera’s Laurence Lee reports from London.


Hollandtourist1 says:

Let me guess US and Europe is concerned because they arn't getting their cut? B.t.w. isn't this what they are doing and did for ages? When another country does it then they have to be named and shamed right? My guess is they are afraid that UAE will change their business into gold instead of dollar and then we will see another war but US and Europe don't have money. Boo hooo.

schlagerhansi says:

Does anybody understand what that moron Rihan is ranting about? Subtitles would be in order!

RovexHD says:

Glen greenwald got a tan alright.

eightgeorge says:

Man these countries run the conflict gold and stones, they own the mines and the slaves that work there. You don't see the local people getting rich and buying nice cars and houses do you!! So it's a rape of their country, move the gold out payoff the local politicians so that they can keep their people working for penny's and starve them, create war and poverty so that they can carry on what they are doing. Countries like that should burn in there own greed and one day will come when they are dying taking their last breath of air will they relies that their is no one there to love them and they are going to hell!! I can't believe the people who watch this buy into all this rubbish, think for yourselves. Thieves comes dressed in suits and ties!!!

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