Confessions of a Valet Turned Millionaire Day Trader Part 1 of 4

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Every great trader had to start somewhere — and this video is about Jack Kellogg’s beginnings. Jack tells all in this four-part series. In part one, learn about Jack’s life before he got into trading and how he transitioned from a hard-working kid from Connecticut to becoming one of the best traders as of late.* You don’t want to miss this!

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As promised, this is part one of four videos highlighting Jack Kellogg’s story…

In this first video, we get into Jack’s passing major trading milestones. He’ll tell us how he worked to rise above the majority of traders who lose.

But we’ll work our way up from the very beginning…

Before trading, Jack was always a hustler — he started off working as a valet driver.

Jack gives us all the details from that period of his life. You might be surprised to hear some of the things he says about it.

And if you think you can fully trust valet drivers, this video might change your mind!

Then we’ll get into how he got into penny stock trading…

He tells us what his starting stake was as well as his initial thoughts about the Trading Challenge, my video lessons, and the whole industry.

Plus, he’ll get into his first big loss and how he handled it…

His story is motivational. Find out how he was extremely busy as he juggled two different career paths.

Tune in to discover what Jack THOUGHT he was going to be before becoming a top trader!*

If he can do it … you can learn something from him. Consider how you can balance learning to trade and pursuing another career path at the same time.

The main lesson from this video is adapting to whatever life throws at you — that’s exactly what Jack Kellogg did.

So, watch this and learn about his incredibly inspirational beginnings.

Comment below and let me know what you think about Jack’s story so far … And remember there’s more to come, so stayed tuned!

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Timothy Sykes says:

Comment below and let me know what you think about Jack’s story so far … And remember there’s more to come, so stayed tuned!

Princess safoorah's World says:

It's really hard I lost 10k sterling's which is lot of money m from UK 🇬🇧 every time I try to learn I ask around so many scammers come to me oh buy my course you will learn and start making money bit every time I lose oh second part join my broker all scam man m tired of losing

avi says:

I know there is a lot of content to study already but I really want the watch next parts of this interview

DaWaR says:

Love the video👍🏻. I already told my 15 year old that I would pay for his training in a couple of years.

Connor says:

Aye Timothy Sykes where is that panda pillow video !!?

LanceCorc says:

Fantastic Video! Can't wait for the next parts!

Gkr GLR says:

JACK, thanks for your being so HONEST about your journey and trying to make other traders better… 🙂

- Jin says:

Waiting for part 2 !!

Shine Box says:

Cathie Wood makes this guy look like a kindergartner

M M says:

Timothy is so funny 😀

Snoopy says:

I’m taking a shit while I watch this. That’s how music your videos mean to me

osmel dayet rodriguez says:

Thank you very much Jack Kellogg !!! Congrats on your success today and in the future. Thanks Tim Sykes.

AL Rocc says:

Very insightful!

Tertia Robbins says:

Cut losses quickly and follow the rules! I am a believer!

Ria Martinez says:

Tim, I'm not sure you're explaining the material effectively, seems like you just talk in Circles. Can u just simply explain the dip buy pattern to people that haven't been trading for 20 years… This is making my head hurt

Jovani Perez says:

Watching And Analyzing!

GC Cannonball says:

I was in the same year on the trading challenge and jackaroo. He was a natural right from the beginning

Jen Barnard says:

Discipline works!! Awesome job Jack keep it up ☺️

Donna MacFadyen says:

Thank you Jack for the honest story. I learned so much from hearing you …
I have a tough time taking losses too. End up bag holding and then selling for a small panic driven profit watching it run instead of using stop loss to lock in profit and riding the run. Or holding hoping instead of taking a small loss finally just bite the bullet and sell with a big loss. Always thinking it will bounce back. Trading psychology is definitely my weak area

MoneyJuice _ says:

Where is Part Deux?

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