Configure an Automatic Trailing Stop

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Learn how to create an automatic trailing stop to help protect your positions. See how to access the Stop Strategy menu and gain an understanding of the Auto Trail section including profit trigger, stop loss, and update frequency.

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Don Shuart says:

I am amazed at the number of NinjaTrader order "training" videos that do not tell you what the requirements are for the order they are trying to build BEFORE they show you how to do it. It is a core principle of instructional learning. They really need to hire some good instructional designers to redo a lot of their videos. You start with the easiest type of order and then build on what you learned with more complex order types until all aspects of order placement (manual or via templates) are covered.

Lamine Bndd says:

Thanks a lot héro for your clear and quik explanation

Amy Harry says:

great, easy video! thanks

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