Correctly Pricing Your Options Strategies

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Close – Properly pricing a trade to make enough money to cover the probability risk is one of the most overlooked aspects of selling options for monthly income. In this video, I’ll show you exactly why most trades are frustrated and losing money long-term even though they are trading with a very high probability of success. Skip this video and you’ll join their ranks.


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– Kirk & The Option Alpha Team


Szukini says:

Hi Kirk
This is excellent information.

What would the approximate IV, where a vertical spread becomes profitable please ?

James Gray says:

Thanks for the helpful video. ..
One question : Does this minimum required credit calculation apply regardless of expiration period ?

Michael Cox says:

Very good information. This is a must for anyone who trades options.

Matias Caceres Arar says:

What about the credit you receive? should not that push your break even down in the case of put spreads and up in the case of call spreads? That should lead to slightly better ITM probabilities than those implied by the short strikes

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