Could Ripple Pass Bitcoin? Bitcoin Futures Affecting Bitcoin Price?

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With the recent surge in price from Ripple, the question is coming up about whether or not Ripple or any altcoin could actually overcome the Mighty Bitcoin. I would say Hold for now and wait for the dust to settle. No point in making rash decisions.


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Martin Lemona says:

If people do not sell ripple now they will be pissed at the coming dive, one guy bought a billion in ripple alone okay, it is on the blockchain to see, also on Reddit to read up on. ripple, the bankster coin.

Dave Vinci says:

Cardano Deadalus

slowyourrole says:

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David G says:

Great video. I myself, am spread out between 50 or 60 different crypto's. I sunk my teeth into about 5 a little bit more heavy than the others. Ultimately I believe that this approach is what will help people stay on top. Aelf Coin has only been listed on binance a few days and we could see some Skyrocket Returns on an extremely legitimate and useful project here in the near future. Keep up the hard work and you are helping a lot of people

Marquise Logan says:

I believe Ripple can be number 1 because it does solve a real life problem more companies and people are more open to it Amex has already started using it and Amazon is in talks with integrating it in there payment system.

buriedtoodeep says:

In the grand scheme of things XRP can easily outpace BTC and claim pole position with greater industry uptake. It's gonna be great for the alt markets.

Caveman Tactics says:

Ripple is backed by the Banks. Never bet against the banks. Name the last time you heard of someone overtaking the banking system in the modern world? This is the banks wet dream, currency they can manipulate!

SunTrib Fashion says:

When Ripple(XRP) blooms, the BTC price goes down!
When BCH, ETH and LTC bloom, the BTC price goes up !!

Yan says:

what you described with bitcoin futures is just what I thought a couple of days ago. Rothschild, Rockefeller, Soros, whatever.

Alpherix says:

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9to5Gamer says:

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TooTall says:

Hey im posting this just to help those trying to purchase Ripple (XRP) or other Alt coins. I like Binanace because you dont have to wait to be verified to be able to buy coins or trade. Unless you try to withdrawal over like 10 or 100BTC.
If you want to buy Ripple (XRP) you can buy it here To get your money in the market use Coinbase/GDAX These are the 3 sites i have used so far. GDAX is owned by Coinbase so you can log into GDAX with your coinbase account. GDAX has less fee's.
Good Luck , Invest wisely <3

Joshua Russell says:

Please make a video on how to keep my alt coins safe (etc. electroneum) I have no idea how really. Google, Reddit aren’t much help. Does the ledger nano s allow me to store any altcoin safely? A in depth guide would be so helpful to me and hopefully others.

Ihab Ahmed says:

BTC is the safest concurrency it has the strongest offline wallet , no one can touch your BTC , not owned by any one other than you and has the main concept of concurrency (NOT CENTRALIZED )

Moonologist says:

Buy Quantstamp gents

Steve K. says:

So true. Best man!

DC B says:

Excellent analysis! You're a forward thinker, much like myself. Keep up the good work.

Svea van den heuvel says:

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Gryphon says:

Mcaffee calling #Binance coin soon. Better get an account if you don't already have one.
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