Could the Stock Market Crash Lead to Bitcoin / Crypto Bull Market!? | Bloomberg News

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Cryptocurrency 24 hours 24/7 news
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casinowiz007 says:

There's no correlation between crypto and stock market ! Crypto holders want to believe there is, so when stocks go down, cryptos up (since most are in the red). Yes, there are some stocks that partake in crypto (Square, IBM, Overstock, etc.), these stocks are minute compared to overall stocks. Crypto is still foreign to general population in U.S.

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Igor Sic says:

Bull run every day since january..chinese new year,usa tax season,consensys banana bull …but market still going down.Noone knows,everyone predicts,we have on every corner new Nostradamus..forget about for a year …

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Chris Rock says:

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Darrell Mervin says:

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You Are ALL Diseased says:

I will be moving my Bitcoins into Ripple XRP

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мари ивлева says:

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belle1113 says:

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Novelties 4u says:

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Harrison Williams says:

Can you say more about what you take to be the appeal of crypto to investors in the event of economic downturn? In some basic way, it seems that what people want during recesssion is stability (read: safety), and at least given its current reputation stability is not a feature of cryptocurrencies. And any thoughts on this:

Salomon Markovich says:

No the stock market crashing can go either way, we dont know. People losing money already wont have money to put into crypto

Muzzammil Vora says:

i think crypto will dive down aswell in general.

Allen Allen says:

The economy should have crashed by now. It being sustained by High Frequency Trading and the Federal Reserve pumping up the fang stocks and others

David Bermudez says:

1.The Stock Market collapses every 10 years and it's old, updated and fake pumped up by the FED with worthless USD

2.The Crypto Market collapses each time its ATH but after sometime it rises higher it's young vurnerable to manipulation

3.When the Stock Market crashes later this year institutional investors will flee and search for a safe haven

4.Precious Stones and the Crypto Market are a safe haven because once again people will lose their life savings like in the Recession

5.The Crypto Market will be over $1 Trillion by EOY and every HODLer will get HUGE GAINS all for being patient

Анастасия Соколова says:

I didn't trust in schwag, till participated in airdrop Zilliqa yet

Jacqueline Kussow Sroka says:

Trump is an idiot! He'll F up the economy!

Franco yeye says:

What are the general perspectives for Zilliqa? Yesterday I received tokens from their airdrop yesterday Now I think about the time of their disposal. Is it better to do it now or to wait till the end of a year?



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