Counter Trend Trading Based on ES, YM, NQ & TF Alignment

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When trading stock index futures, larger moves often occur when all four of the dominant futures contracts, the ES, YM, NQ and TF, align in the same direction in both price and momentum.

Join Wayne Harrison for this live webcast analyzing all 4 critical components (ES, YM, NQ, TF) and looking for significant turns where all four align in the same direction showing significant momentum strength up, or down.

The YM and ES are linked based on the actual stocks in each index. The NQ is the big 100 Nasdaq stocks of which a few are also on the S+P 500 (ES). The TF (Russell 2000 Small Cap Index) tends operate a little different than the others, but often aligns when a big move is in play.

This method of using all 4 components is can be beneficial for targeting intraday counter trend trades.

Wayne Harrison, President of TS Leasing Group Inc. (Kwik*POP Software) has been involved in the futures markets for over 25 years. Kwik*POP Trading Software has been used by traders around the globe since 1999.


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