Cramer: Not sure this stock market sell-off can be stopped

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CNBC’s “Halftime Report” breaks down the market sell-off as coronavirus fears accelerate with CNBC contributor Ron Insana, Jim Cramer, Tony Dwyer of Canaccord Genuity and Jonathan Krinsky of Bay Crest Partners.


zazzleman says:

LMFAO now Cramer is happy to spurt out 'socialist' agendas … handouts. Hey Jim you tosser, what happened to survival of the fittest? Oh I get it, your money is being threatened. So much for capitalism then Jim. Or are you only a capitalist when the agenda suits you?

DSG says:

Trump demanding rates keep being lowered throughout the boom turned out to be reckless.

It encouraged too much corporate borrowing, now we have a real world event impacting the market and the many companies don't have capacity to borrow to get through the hard times.

Trump may have had the farmers vote for him but he clearly doesn't know the proverb;

"Make hay while the sun shines"

Vicary says:

Corporate socialism once again everyone. Your money go directly to failed judge funds. How great is this?

waterline987 says:

Buy the dip!

kittensplayingathome says:

A 15-minute coronavirus blood test is being used in China, South Korea, Italy, and Japan. This will stop the coronavirus dead in its tracks. The market always moves before reality hits, markets will rebound very soon, get in now!

laysrayslays says:

How low is it going to move down?

We know that international flights are off for at least 30 days, professional sports and college sports are off for at lest 30 days, all the oil company in the US will go bankruptcy, many school are going to close soon, all the other big gatherings are off.

Is it going to be as it is in 30 days? Most likely not right?

Mark Williams says:

No stop sign,speed limit nobody gonna slow it down,like a wheel gonna spinet,nobody gonna mess me around,hey Satan hey now Jews your on your way to the promised land.

Nicholas Czech says:

Cramer probably shorted awhile ago

uranus calling says:

let the markets tumble to o,, then capture santelli give his insane rants on the floor of ws,,now THAT is entertainment… a real reality show

Real Laundry Sauce says:

Bat soup caused the 2020 crisis. Amazing

Jim Matterhorn says:

more corporate socialism…FU$% OFF!!!

Emperor'sNewClothes says:

Looking at a return to the long term averages and how ridiculously priced this market has been since 08, if all the markets went to 50% that would be healthy imo, what does the Buffet indicator suggest? Why is Berkshire sitting on so much cash?

Richard Mooney says:

Geez! We have had a recession since '08/'09. The only thing that prevented a depression, was the massive Fed and government debt creation and unlimited money printing in the 10s of trillions of $'s. What if the "To Big to Fail Banks" had been allowed to go bankrupt, made to reorganize in bakruptcy courts, and top mangament fired and jailed? Those trillions of wasted dollars could have been used to pay-off every mortgage in the nation. The trillions still left, could have recapitalized banks under new management with laws to prevent Wall Street banks from being allowed to invest in stock market as before Bill Clinton allowed the law to be changed. Instead, those trillions went to banks here and in Europe. Corporations were basically given interest free loans to buy back their stocks, create another real estate bubble to match the Wall Street bubble. The rich got richer, and the middle class was destroyed. Then the geniuses behind this fiasco, continued sending our manufacturing overseas. Now they can not see, or refuse to admit that retail spending, auto sales, and the economic engine in US has run out of steam. No one has money to spend to keep the economy intact. The few wealthy at the top can only buy so many mansions, private jets, luxury boats, villas, etc. Now that the free money is no longer holding up the dead capitalist system, the bloated stock market and everything bubbles are in free fall. Anyone with an ounce of critical thinking skills could have seen this would end badly. Now that our elitist masters have sown the wind of economic collapse, we all now have a ringside sit to watch the whirlwind financial day of reality has arrived. Beam me up Scotty, there is no intelligent life on this planet!

Ann Marie Boucher says:

Money is meant to feed people and clothe them not to empower the ultra rich who have no regard for the public good. Losers. Many of those greedy investors have zero integrity and no care for society's good.

michael fernandez says:

Cramer… Can't you just tell the public the fact's? Let the Government wait till this calms down until we know what we're looking at… WE Don't know WHAT IS GOING ON YET…. This Administration canceled A pandemic response informational analysis for TAX CUT'S… for the TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMIC'S that has never WORKED. Let's wait till this SO CALLED ADMINISTRATION GET'S it TOGETHER!

U.P. dan says:

If Congress and or the President gets sick, look out below. If AOC gets sick she will be giving everyone hugs.

deltaskyhawk says:

It will stop going down when it stops going down …. these talking heads are such idiots.

Rick Pitt says:

Why am I not scared? People are so brave when the gun is pointed at someone else's head. This will pass. These guys will look back and be ashamed of their fear and their contribution to the fright. Buy what you believe in and relax. It is a buyers market. Take your time and be calm.

Virginia Addis says:

He correct crash crash crash end end end .. low life greed and complacency…

Matt McCracken says:

Cramer.  What a loud mouth.  Always encouraged the Fed to inflate this bubble and is now lost when it deflates.

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