Cramer reveals 7 sectors of opportunity amid steep market-wide sell-off

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Jim Cramer suggests investors begin finding new positions in stocks among the rubble after a deep market sell-off.


J1inabillion says:

U didn't mention the cannabis sector we killed it today

Dr7 says:

my favorite comedian

Vakashi Cryptosoto says:

Buy Bitcoin (or GBTC stock), it is a safe heaven especially during stock market crash. Each time when stocks go down bitcoin is rising.
And it can grow 10x in the next two years, 100x next 10 years, 1000x in the next 25 years. It will happen when people understand how the bitcoin works.

Bob Taco says:

So should I sell my nvidia bags now… Butthole….

R4ym1n says:

Verizon & ATT are not utilities cramer. Good call on Dominion energy, I own them big fat dividends thank you

venictos says:

Everyone ripping on cramer when he actually did warn everyone about todays drop and his DCA advice over the short term is not a bad idea.

john Tan says:


Haha MissMiss says:

Cramer is a sock puppet for the racist president.

Sarai Garage says:

If you missed the December dip then this is your chance to catch up. It will all swing back in a few months at most. Amazon, Boeing, Fb, and Google are decent buys rn.

M Army says:

Should I buy Bear Stearns?

Rick Winters says:

The sky can be falling and CNBC says there's a buying opportunity

Wesley White says:

Cryptocurrency is looking like the best hedge in my personal opinion xrp, bitcoin and eos looked primed to take off.

james david says:

Cramer is really good at making sound effects and being a big wind bag, blowing hot air. Too bad he has no clue about what is going to happen. If he says go right, make sure you go left…..

tk says:

who started this trade war😏

Marek Kolenda says:

Fed gone cuts rates this or next month

Marek Kolenda says:

US Titanic start sinking Europe and China not gets on board for join ride together.

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