Crash of 1987- Live news reports of Stock Market Crash

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CNN coverage of the Stock Market
crash of October 19,1987.


Luther Hucke says:

You see a drop of 700 or 800 points these days and while the numerical value looks terrifying, percentage wise it isn't all that bad. For us to have that bad of a loss percentage wise the point drop would have to be much bigger, around 3600 and there are circuit breakers to prevent that from happening. So a meltdown like this would have to occur over at least several days to have that kind of percentage damage.

Derman Derman says:

Ay don't do I rember this? O that's cause my daddy waz smart and pull out of the stock market and all his $$$ out of the bank just before this happend

makafizzz says:

My birthday hahaha

Toddster2012 says:

that's a drop in the bucket, the next massive crash will indeed happen on 09/29/15 as predicted by Nostradamus and the prophecy of the four blood moon / total lunar ecliplse cycles, expect a freefall drop of over 1200 points before the noon hour and it will not recover by the closing bell, this is a wake up call for all these fools who trust the market when they should be buying gold and silver, everyone knows the dow is controlled by the mafia and the actual value of most stocks is wildly inflated and how all the dirty accountants fudge the numbers on a daily basis, also expect the price of oil to jump accordingly to over 160 dollars per barrel.

Jamie Lynton says:

I was an associate producer on that show – wow a blast from the past.

Bryan Hanson says:

i can imagine those lou ferrigno's  flying out the window  .with them  pin stripped suits & suit case phones way back then .

oooo78 says:

LOLOLLI dont understand but 2008, i was young and i sensed bad. now im 22 n oil way tooo cheap. next yr is gonna be depression or some bad market. I DONT TRUST GOVRNMENT

bigwin2010 says:

And someday in the near future the Dow will fall 2,000..maybe 3,000 pts in one day. 

The joke of it is, the Market closed at 1,738 on October 19, 1987. The Dow has never been that low since that day. 

Patatmetmayo says:

The realization that you've grown up in an economy that was completely fake and rigged, and a start of a real economy where size doesn't matter anymore…

Futures Magazine says:

“Cancel Crash” — the documentary that tells the story of traders during 1987's "Black Monday" market crash, is streaming for free on Futures Mag dot com

Sumit Pandey says:

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Mr Kane says:

too much supply results in less demand afterall, it is human nature. Everybody is investing, nobody wants to buy, stock goes up like bubble and become fragile, then crash. Please learn from this poor fellow American kids.

Rabiul Alam says:

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GodfatherGaming1 says:

lol i was born in a shitty economy(late november 1987)….
lived my childhood in a booming prosperous economy(1990s)…..
starting my teen-adult life where i was born in a shitty economy(2011-now)….
what does the future hold for me?

Muslim Mcloum says:

Thats way Saddam invaded Kuwait dummy smirnoff gos lucky

Steven Isnumber says:

Although i believe it's impossible to time the market crash , even if you do believe that the market is a bubble , it's impossible to time it , i strongly believe that those people were just bearish at that point and just caught in a huge sell off and made a killing

Steven Isnumber says:

By the way , at the same day Legendary trader Paul Tudor Jones made a killing … some other traders made a killing as well 🙂 … most lost .. it's always like that , in every single crash , somebody makes a killing … therefore a lot of people lose money

Anglynn74 says:

i remember this, yuppies, cocaine and the stock market……

bobsutube says:

Nice capture of the moment. I was a sophomore at an update ny college, remember the very day, but felt very removed from what was happening.

Reporter says:

I was in dippers,

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