Creating a Custom Strategy in NinjaTrader 8 (EMA Cross)

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In this video, I briefly demonstrate how to use NinjaTrader 8’s built in Strategy Builder to put together a 21 x 50 EMA Cross Short Strategy.

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Adrian Lim KK says:

Thank You…..Waiting for your next video on creating automated strategies.

lovenpeace271 says:

Can you please do a video on how to create a strategy similar to yours but all you have to di it Enter on the close of next bar with the following conditions

On chart page an option for clicking Long or short only so you can click whichever side u r trading
similar to what you did here Stop loss and profit target
Enter on close of current bar with a bracket

Thanks a lot in advance. If you have venmo or something i could donate too. Out of millions of videos yours was concise and very helpful

ANZ says:

I use NT8. This video is very helpful. I thought you have to have some sort of programming skills to run automated strategies. Thank you for your time.

Carolyn H says:

That was very helpful! I look forward to your next video. Thanks!

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