Creating Alerts in NinjaTrader 8 with the Market Analyzer

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Need to create automatic alerts in NinjaTrader 8 by using the market analyzer to do all your scanning?

You need to use a few components of NinjaTrader 8 to make this work perfectly. The market analyzer (which will be your work horse in scanning all of the patterns) and the alert log which holds all the alerts. You will then use your chart to display the results.

Open up a chart window, market analyzer window and alert window. You will first need to start off by creating your market analyzer as well as all the conditions. Then you will right click on your market analyzer and go to alerts. This is where you can change your alerts and I’d highly recommend you go through this process once. Watch the video for more details and find below the resources used for the video.

NinjaTrader 8 Tool Set: (Which you can see in the video)

XABCD Magazine:
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NT8 Priceline (Free Tool):

NT8 News Indicator (Free Tool):

NT8 XABCD Pattern Suite (Included with Membership):

NT8 Sonar Indicator (Included with Membership):

NT8 Hurst Indicator (Included with Membership):

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Dyn0might says:

How do I add alert if I created new tab? When I go to Alerts I do not see the new columns I created in new tab..

TyrantBoy says:

these are really useful. Thanks 🙂

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