Credit Spread Option Trading Strategies – Part 1 | Real Traders Webinar

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Credit Spreads Option Trading Strategies – Part 2 | Sign Up For Real Traders Webinar Weekly Hangouts at | Watch Pt. 1 & 2 @ How to Master Credit Spreads!

In this replay of the “RTWWH (Real Traders Webinar Weekly Hangout)” you’ll learn…

* Understanding “Bell Curves” @ 3:37

* How to Make Money With Credit Spreads… By Picking The Correct Range! @ 6:45

* 3 Ways To You Can Profit From Credit Spread & Options! @ 10:06

* The 3 KEY Components To WINNING With Credit Spread Options! @ 10:38

* Options Trading Strategies That Make Money BY SELLING! @ 13:03

* What Is “Time Decay”… And How It Effects Your Options Trading! @ 13:52

* The Power Of “Time Decay! @ 23:23

* Credit Spread Option Trading Strategies… BREAKEVENS! @ 26:40

* Where To BUY Your Credit Spread Options… And Where To SELL Your
Credit Spread Options! @ 41:38

* Credit Spread Option SELLER Trading Strategies For Making Money! @ 49:03

* How to Find Buyers & Sellers Through “Support & Resistance!” @ 56:16

* How to Overlay & Confirm Your Option Chain Using Delta Formula! @ 56:44

* The Range Of “IV” (Implied Volatility) You Want To Look For! @ 1:15:09

* Credit Spread Options Trading Strategies “CheckList!” @ 1:32:38

* LIVE Q&A @ 1:35:45

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Ravi Swamy says:

Awesome guys – Thanks!

Bobbie Hollie says:

Thanks for the deep insight!!!!

karan devgun says:

are you using Interactive brokers for looking at option chains?

Timothy Lopez says:

Nice Video!!!!

Hazel Hoff says:

Nice Video!!!

kjkjk says:

Guys this is amazing, i love your teaching please eventually show us everything you know because I'm watching all your videos

Jose Garcia says:

i only sell puts with a probability of 80% or more for successs and i can't loose! ths best way to go!SELL PUTS PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!


the person buying it is taking it/paying you out. the reason being whatever security you sold the option on that stayed the same they felt wasnt going to stay the same and thats how u get paid out. if you were the wrong one then youd have eneded up paying them out when they exercised the option

Joseph Mordetsky says:

This is a pretty awesome video. Wow. I'm curious about something though, when selling options with such a high prob of staying within a price range, what part of the market is taking the other side of that and why?

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