Crisis 2020 Stock Market Crash Coming? Monday May 4th it Will

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Crisis 2020 Stock Market Crash Coming? Monday May 4th it Will

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Crisis 2020 Stock Market Crash Coming? Monday May 4th it Will


Josef W says:

Here is some market love <3 <3 <3
Very much thanks for these videos, its my go to with a pinch of coffee ^^

frank wilkinson says:

That means people will be moving to the oceans ane lakes to survive. Prostitution will run rampant if he is right then farming communities will spring up everywhere. War it could save us as we plunder other nations. We are all in for it.

Trevor Stuart says:

props for putting yourself out there. buffet's opinion doesn't mean much in this environment. hes outdated and has a biased look towards this crisis being an older male.

TommyG says:

Ouch! … The only way to safe face is to not yake this video down

Michael Gordon says:

Great prediction. But the market didn't crash? I also make videos about the market and travel. Keep up the great work! 🙂

Crypto-Investor says:

The market was mostly green today as always

Jonathan McGuire says:

Please newbies don;t listen to this Doomsday bullshit A lot of this nonsense going around. Find a company you like and do your research. Leave emotion out of it and paranoia

Lil NasXRP says:

Perhaps the reason the market is so out of touch is because the majority of investors are passively invested in ETFs. In other words maybe the markets are flying totally blind. I have nothing against ETF investing but I wonder if people have taken passive investing literally. I believe that there will be a reality check moment that will cause a snowball effect of passive investor panic selling soon.

modern720 says:

Very narrow and dangerous prediction. Market hasn’t budged all day buddy. Volume is super low.
realistic prediction markets can crash this month, maybe this week. But reality is we ALL have no idea!! I think we are due for another hit, but again idk.

Tony Fontaine says:

Nice prediction..

Markets barely even down 😂

Colin Coley says:

I think were gonna have to wait until Friday's non farm payroll number before smart money starts to dump equity's.

Dan Chatka says:

I like it that you've made testable market prediction.
If you're correct, you'll be hailed as a genius.
You'll become a regular guest expert on CNBC.
Now, let's see what happens…

Wily says:

Dow is down 200 points 40 minutes in so far

esai de casas says:

i like these morning videos brother gracias for the input

Jake Mullins says:

People will sale all their airline stocks on Monday and short the market because they worship Buffet! But the #1 means of travel ain’t going nowhere, they need to be playing long term!

abi appu says:

Is tomorrow market up or down

Antonio Alves says:

As Warren Buffet Said !! Be greedy when others are fearful !! Since this week will be a bear market !! I will take advantage of the mini ES&P 500 and of course listen to Nikolai every Thursday’s class too ! 😀😀👍👍👏🏻👏🏻Abraço cara

gregory comngo says:

Bearish month !!! short the airline all in to the short side

Gary Carlyle says:

Could be a crash coming. Although people have pointed out the bailout of 2008 was bigger than 2020 in some ways and that wasnt a crash as such.

Call says:

wanna be friends?

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