Crude Oil Futures with Auction Vista

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In this video, I’m going to take a look at using the Jigsaw tools on thinner markets like Crude, Gold and DAX futures. As many of you know, I personally prefer to trade more liquid markets like the index futures, but the same concepts apply in all markets. What tends to happen in thinner markets like crude is that you see the same things but often occurring over a series of prices instead of one.
In this video, we’ll take a look at some of the action from 27th January. There’s nothing special about this day, I just put the screen recorder on and then came back later to take a look at the action.
As usual, we are going to pay most attention to where the most volume trades. In Jigsaw, the large trade circles show us where exceptional volume trades. The circles are sized relative to each other, so larger circles indicate more trade. The amount of red and blue in the circle shows the balance of trade.
What we are going to look at first is where we get clusters of circles. As mentioned, we see things happen across a series of prices. Just like footprint charts, we are very interested in areas of high volume as we can see here. We print exceptional volume at this price and the sellers won out. We can see that bidders were spoofing the bids here because as soon as price approached that bid, they moved out of the way.

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Giacomo Cambrini says:

Great Video Peter! Thank you a lot 🙂

T F says:

What is the number of lots that you implemented to display white lines please ?

T F says:

Can you do some more videos with explanations of your entries please ?

黄黄黄 says:

why 30.99 whit 4 minutes 11~15 seconds of the price bubble will disappear?

Bimal Bhakta says:

Excellent Video, couldnt have explained it better Peter! Please post more videos. Thanks

Administrator says:

The Jigsaw software is the best investment I ever made.
Thank you for your continuous hard work to improve this software.

Wizardsofaltaria says:

Fantastic video for fantastic tools! Thank you once again, Peter, for all that you do!

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