Crude Oil Intraday Live Trading | Crude Oil Intraday Trading Strategy | Crude Oil Trading Strategy

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Crude Oil Intraday Live Trading | Crude Oil Intraday Trading Strategy | Crude Oil Trading Strategy

Mcx Crude Oil live Trading | Crude Oil Intraday Strategy Without Indicator | Crude Oil Trading
Here, I am demonstrating crude oil future intraday trading with my strategy and please note I am not telling anyone to go and start trading without having proper knowledge about this. This video is only for demonstration of how my strategy works even in the worst condition. My crude oil intraday strategy is very simple and easy to understand in one go. If anyone wants to learn this for his knowledge I am here and you can contact me on +91-9648277646.

Nowadays there is a very slow market movement that’s why here I will book only up to 20 points otherwise this crude oil intraday strategy works for 50 points and generates more than 3 signals in a day.

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Shashi Shekhar says:

How much amount required for 1 lot in crude oul in zerodha in normal order

money first stock market says:

TIME frame sir

stock market analysis strategies says:

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Daily update INTRADAY stock lavel one day befor this youtube channel

Uttama Panda says:

Capital kitna laga

Bapu Raut says:

Bahut hi badhiya….

sandeep singh says:

Share the logic

Rajesh Mukherjee says:

sir you are awesome man

Rajesh Mukherjee says:

Sir, namaste….
sir, aap to sach me magician hai..!!!aap ko salam

Dipak Thakre says:

Silver gold all may trading kre…

Vinay Kumar says:

Super se uper… sir ham logo ko bhi help kijiye

Маша Митина says:

0:4 too late bo buy gold?


आप लाजबाब है सर विडियो देख के अच्छा लगा


Sir please video me strategy explain karo na


Sahut hi shandaar strategy hai. hume bhi chahiye ye strategy. hum jald hi is crude oil intraday trading strategy ko sikhenge.

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