Crude Oil Intraday Trading Strategy (Limited Time Only) Part 2

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Crude Oil Trading Strategy is discussed in detail in this video. Trading in Crude oil can be very profitable if you apply the right strategy. I will discuss the strategy in plain English in this detailed but to the point video. You need to the entry price, exit price, stop loss and target for making profits in the commodities market.

In this video, you will learn,

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ProfitSystem says:

Part 1 Video which went viral here…

Prashant Kamble says:

sir ur videos are so informative but due to music its little hard to understand ur important points

zoya afreen says:

Yes but
What time frame is better

Ciju Ck says:

Yes,Pls do a video in crudeoil intaraday with swing trade.

Somnath Tembekar says:

Very nice explain sir.please make video in hindi also.

Thirunavukkarasu Pons says:

can v use for WTi also

Bharata Sahu says:

Pranam sir, God always keep well &happy, pray to you please Hindi language for easy learning, thanks

Bharata Sahu says:

Pranam sir, God bless you and your family always continue video for create professional trader in our country and less unemployment, very very much thanks

Sigma digital studio says:

your video adio not clear stop the music ofter recording

abhinick19822011 says:

I think all the experienced traders are on the verge of becoming a YouTubers. Don't know why. How can one divert his/her mind from professional trading business if he/she is really successful in trading. Also the further steps are telegram and WhatsApp group.

Sanjay Panda says:

yes sir pls
intraday only

funtush0007 says:

Which software your using software for recording and editing ?

tamil raj says:

Stock market technical???

rahul kamath says:

Yes sir pls make more videos on crude oil

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