Crude Oil trade with Fibonacci and Multiple time frame analysis

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Crude Oil trade with Fibonacci and Multiple time frame analysis. A lot of people have requested I share my experience of Fibonacci with everyone. Instead of Fibonacci clustering which is still subjective, we will show you how to use Fibonacci on multiple time frames!


Mark Hoffman says:

While I appreciate your effort I think this presentation is terrible. Too many here's and there's. Very difficult to follow.
Did you really make these trades or are you painting in lines after the chart was fully developed? I have a hard time trusting presentations like this using a static chart after market hours. Your execution is a little too perfect to be believable.

AK Khol says:

Price touches 62% 3 times and reverses but you took the exact last one for trade. Beats me.

Ashok kumar Bala says:

Thanks Manesh for sharing your approach to using Fibonacci tool.

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