Crude Oil Trading Strategy – Power Set Up – NO Indicators

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Is it possible to make profits trading in Crude Oil?

Yes, This video helps you understand a trading strategy in Crude Oil.

The 2 videos that are mentioned in the video are



auromachinetools muthuraman says:

really best sir , your are a golden heart man sir . Live long long with joyousness

Raghavendra Kulkarni says:

Try video in Kannada also

Truth Unlocked says:

Only English. Universally ppl can understand. You will lose viewers with Hindi

Aakash Kale says:

Just put a indicator for inside bar on tradingview.. why do you even make a video for this… Definitely not gonna make any money with it.. there number of false signals with it…

Vijay Bala says:

English is good for everyone sir

Mohamad Reza Ariai says:

Thanks for this training, how I can contact with you?

Sulaiman Ibrahim says:
Live intraday crude oil trading with logic

Venkat T says:

English is more better… Thank You

Pawan Kumar says:

Sir aap crude ki calls bhi dete h kya

crude calls Tamil says:

English is everyone easily understand sir keep going English sir

Boghara Jaydeep says:

Sir you are waste my time please don't make videos

Prasad says:

Thanks for all your hard work.One query – Was not able to identify difference between Sr No.2 in description (2. and this one.
Sorry if I was not able to make out and will see again.Thanks


You are great sir

Himanshu 10 says:

10 EMA अब नहीं लगाना है क्या जी ?

Himanshu 10 says:

हिंदी में बनाएंगे तो subscribers दो गुना हो जायेंगे । और ज्यादा लोगो तक अच्छा content पहोंच पायेगा ।

Learn And Grow says:

Easily explain thank you

Milind P says:

Something hindi as well you’r hindi is toofunny😁

CR zh says:


pratap patel says:

kitna type kare
housewife cooking etc why ……..

Crackberry says:

Sir thanks for your efforts.. i have one doubt in investing. Com mother candle high is 3769 but in upstox 3800

Which one to considered

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