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Vinit kumar ojha says:

sir can u show your contract note here..!! i will pay for ur strategy , im bulk trader

ks gowthami says:

What your statagy

suresh sawanth says:

no words to explain my happiness, am really really cant believe with my huge earnings like you sir, my dreams will become true because of you sir. ji mein aap ko milke dhanyavaadh kahna chahthahu.

waheed pasha says:

This strategy is very nice..I have seen many strategy but not up to mark this one is different. Once we get trained by Uday..we definitely make money in crude oil..This is working 100%. Thank you so much Mr. Uday thought me so many things along with this strategy how to trade with confidence..

sumanth b.r. says:

ur statergy truely 100% works

sumanth b.r. says:

sir ur statergy is perfect and very effictve in crude ur statergy is the super statergy to trade with no emotions and tension befor attending ur class i lost so much capital in crude when u teached me ur statergy now im getting confidence to earn more thanks for sharing ur knowldege and share others thank u

Samir Mohanty says:

Very very good and 100℅ successful strategy sir. Today I have seen crude given more than 30 points profit in yr strategy. Really very very accurate strategy I have seen after applying so many strategy. Anybody can trade with yr strategy without tension. Thanks for sharing such accurate strategy to others.

Samir Mohanty says:

Sir, make more vedio like this.

Sanket Magar says:

where is strategy?

avdhesh varshney says:

sir aisi koi strategy nhi h jo 100% successful ho

vettri me says:

success ratio
risk : reward ratio ?

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