Crude Oil

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This is a simple video explaining the basics of crude oil such as extraction, distillation and uses. Enjoy ­čÖé

Link to formation of crude oil video :

All the music is from iMovie


hrpang says:

My god reading that intro was breath taking´╗┐

Afterzoro says:

are you from america?´╗┐

Rishima Ganguly says:


Ujjwal Dubey says:

I am an engineering student and I loved your video. Kudos!!┬á´╗┐


Me like this ­čśŤ
No, seriously, it's a good video, specially the geothermal idea of heating and cooling!! Never heard about it before!´╗┐

Manja Seebacher says:


sameer mishra says:

Which song is it at 1:00´╗┐

Jared Graber says:

If we stop building cars with combustion engines and switch to a specially made hydrogen engine or electric motor, it would decrease the value of oil and how much we consume.´╗┐

Sofia Gadegaard says:

Thank you for saving me so much time ­čÖé┬á´╗┐

Nyanna Ross says:

this film is awesome ^_^´╗┐

Nyanna Ross says:

lol. THat star wars introduction made me believe that I was some how powerful. Idk. Now I feel like a crude oil super hero. :/┬á´╗┐

Terrible Turtle says:

That was incredibly informative yet equally light-hearted! Which is saying something, given how short it is.
Great job and thanks for uploading. Really did help me :)´╗┐

Matt Compton says:

Thanks mate. You really helped with my homework :D´╗┐

epic rsgaming says:

Who came here from corpus Christi for science homework XD like if you did!

raghuvendra pratap singh says:

in such short time covering this vast aspects……. thumbs up!!!

Ganesh man Lama says:

Beautiful video.

Drs. Supriyanto Praptoutomo says:

thank you for the video, very helpful for my students

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