Cryptocurrency and it’s trading in binary options trading is not good for you so stay away.(Hindi)

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We all know we are living in the modern and high-tech age and in this time period every day a new invention is popping up and Cryptocurrency Is one of them. Friends it all started with bitcoin and because of bitcoins this market it not only get attention but also lots of new Cryptocurrency are invented after this. But lots of people and companies are taking advantage of this and this is not good for you so friends Cryptocurrency and it’s trading in binary options trading is not good for you so stay away and because of this worlds 2 big internet company google and facebook have imposed a ban on Cryptocurrency advertisements.(Hindi)

What is Bitcoin? Who created Bitcoin? How Bitcoin works? and some amazing fact about Bitcoin(Hindi)

Binary Options Trading is a Scam and Please avoid this kind of shit (Hindi)

Let’s find out all

I collected all the information for you.

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akshat kumar says:

Mst… ? ? ✌️

V!CkY says:

Ha ha ha ha Lag gai cryptocurrency ki

I m happy because I suggest every invester do not invest in cryptocurrency

The Human says:

You are amazing

ayush mishra says:

One more amazing video from amazing pride of our indore.

rajan saeed says:

Nice bhai thank u ….

Ikram Hassan says:

i love crypto!!! i make 0.6 ETH every week with my cloud mining contract, thanks to brandon's help (

Saud Habib says:

In easy word…cryptocurrency use kahte hain jb chutiye log apne jaise chutiye log ko dhundhte hain…..!!!!!! !! ???

Farhan Pinjari says:

ek number. Aapka video dekhkar mind fresh hojaata hai.


Paji tusssi grt ho cha gye???

Navdeep Raval says:

Apaka video kab khatam hojata he pata hi nahi chalata??

Indian Inside says:

Network to bhee expose kare…Badi meharbani hogi…Ebiz wale mere peeche pade hai

Navdeep Raval says:

Aj bahot der se pata chala video ke bareme is liye late hogaya? but good video

Akshay Patil says:

ULiP Policy ke Zhool ke bare mai Video banao bhai. Bohat log ullu ban rahe. Exp Tata AIA ULiP policy . ye logo ka paisa kha rahe hai

vishwanath rao says:

Bhai Aaj Kuch b samaj me nhi aata.. Sorry

Ravi Sharma says:

Very nice voice Sir

Arshad Khan says:

Hamare WhatsApp number pe contact Kijiye ok hum hai Aapke Hain Thoda Hatke 9836666333

Don Lobo says:

Very funny word " chommu " ? ? ?

Indian Cryptonator says:

So that where I come
Never suggested to go for pyramid schemes like BCC
Binary option is next level Chu***pa and I know it.
Never invested in pump and dump as there are 1300+ crypto currencies

rehaan hashmi says:

Bhai mere dekado coin me paise lage hoe h yr

Nitish Sachan says:

Sir so why In wannacry random ware attack they demanded bitcoin nor by any other means ….. according to u bitcoin is not valid and no one is responsible for that..

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