Daily: Bitcoin Cash Rising WTF! Segwit2x not dead??

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Bitcoin Cashing has risen over 30% over the past 24 hours AND segwit2x community wants to FORK. Discuss Bitcoin Cash and more on http://forums.boxmining.com
0:51 Market Analysis
3:44 Bitcoin Cash mega rally WTF??
6:25 bitcoin2x.org wants to continue segwit2x
9:46 Parity Wallet ‘Continues Investigating’
10:54 Future Discussion: Community Forums

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Schuyler Haussmann says:

keep up the good work. i look forward to walton team visit

Marnu B says:

I don't understand why we even have forks in the first place? Why do miners not want bitcoin to upgrade?

Larry P says:

Roger Ver is sore loser and doesn't give a flip what the Bitcoin community wants. He's in it for the money. Bitcoin Trash will never replace Bitcoin as store of value. Everybody whines about Segwit not working, but then people like Coinbase won't implement it, so what do you expect. You want cheap fast transactions? We got many coins way better than Bitcoin Trash, LiteCoin for example.

Mr Wolf #NO2X says:

Bitcoin.com = Bitcoincash.com exactly Michael good idea. Tell Roger

firecloud77 says:


John Green says:

So I want to buy this weekend…should I buy Bitcoin or BCH?

bruziks says:

thank you for keeping us updated!

Steppa Flow says:

This is how Crypto market is manipulated… Let's buy dips ..

FriendlyWanderer says:

Is a flippening happening?

KoH Crypto says:

Wonder what'll happen now that 2x might be coming back

Luis Garcia says:

You should all move to BitBean guys. F…k the drama

den pluzhhnikov says:

the only reason for bch success is BTC not able to solve its own issues. if you cant evolve you will be replaced sooner or later

cshpark says:

You cannot see what really is going on if you don't understand those segwit2x guys are just a puppet BCH side is pulling the strings of. The mining difficulty, mining profitability and the price of BCH, all shot up together according to a precisely caculated schedule while the segwit puppet was dancing like shit hitting fan with BTC hostaged in their hand. Their agenda: "Make BCH firmly root in the cryptomarket while we stir up BTC and its credibility." Maybe Koreans love cryptocurrencies. But 24h vol of $1.7 bn on one exchange? For 1 crypto? I am Korean and I think it is an impossible figure you can get with just ordinary market participants. OUTRIGHT IMPOSSIBLE. The price action of BCH is a result of pumping. Bithumb, the Korean exchange has long been the gateway of Chiinese capital. There is a huge sponsor behind bcash.

XPopCornX says:

I don't understand what core can possibly have against a blocksize increase, hardware these days have more than doubled in capacity since 2009, and they could keep developing on the upgraded version.

Upgrade says:

If only there was some sort of trademarking in crypto. If Bitcoin cash had to use a name without Bitcoin , it would be $5 by now

Tal Rasha says:

// Just a speculation /// They had a deal, people that are for PoS solutions and people that are for PoW solutions. Small blockers got what they wanted, big blockers did not. They feel cheated probably, and they were. If you cant get 2x segwit, you will get 8x nonsegwit. And to the Korea, I think these are chinese miners selling BTC and buying BCC using bithumb, cause soon they will abandon BTC, and if BTC wont scale properly in near future, they can get into trouble. And people holding BTC as well, including me.

samp1117 P says:

BTC will be alt coin unfortunately, why because it will be old and no way it can be used for commerce. That's a fact! Too slow and too expensive.

marian dorin says:

Anyway Bitcoin has a nice website. Even a child could create that. But it worth 7.000 dollars…

raptorak1 says:

You gonna get rekt by WTC, or should I say "humbled".

Loan Audits CAL LMH says:

Forks of Bitcoin get you on exchanges (which is difficult) and a fair amount of value. Plus, it's more hardy because of its testing in the marketplace over the years. I think Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold will prove to do quite well.

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