Daily: Bitcoin Shoots past $4150 – Happy or Concerned? Poloniex Hackable?

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Boxmining Daily Aug 13
0:45 Market Recap
2:32 Bitcoin Mega Rally #2
3:00 Goldman: Don’t ignore Bitcoin
5:35 Poloniex Hackable?
6:57 China Spotlight – Chinese Social Media Scrutinized
7:51 Upgrade Time

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Klaas Koekenbier says:

Thanks as always for your geat videos! They are always very informative!
I'm interested to hear from you your storage tips for currencies which are not supported by hardware wallets (nano ledger s). Can I only store these at exchanges which have a big chance of being hacked? Or are there other saver options?

Daniel Gervais says:

i been saying to fest for a while but what do i know. it's now at 4k so keep it coming! but we will see STRONG pull back

Bobby A says:

Now that Fidelity is linking to Coinbase, we will see gradually more and more Wall Street firms dip their toes in the water. It will grow exponentially once it breaks a certain point, say $5k or $10k and EVERYONE on Wall Street is pulled into it by general public demand.

Rob F says:

YouTube video about the Today Show in the internet in 1994. Then watch a video just out of few days ago on CNBC. It's hilarious almost a mirror image. People used all sorts of things for money and apparently a critical mass of people deciding that Bitcoins have value. The hungry money is eyeballing these markets like a starved tiger just waiting to get in. We will see volatility but starting to doubt that'll be the case.

Ajs1287 says:

crash looming. 100 % rise in less that a month is un sustainable. DO NOT SPEND WHAT YOU CANT AFFORD TO LOOSE, SPECIALLY ON BITCOIN.

Leo Lucas says:

Bitcoin growth, too fast and too furious, probably related to the North Korea threat, Bitcoin is digital gold, so a somewhat safe heaven, money will flow back to stock market after things cool down.

Jorge Orpinel says:

"Koreans are very interestedin BitCoin right now." You hit the nail. It's overbought.

ZA says:

TenX is also goin up FAST, watch out today expecting it to hit $7 to $8 at least!

domenico gigante says:

2 MH/s of Ether Hashpower
60 H/s of Monero Hashpower
i'm Domenico BRt2Tx it's my code

Daniel Link says:

i signed up for rollercoaster, so.. all good 🙂

Florian Juri says:

thanks Michael, keep it up! One of THE best crypto channels out there.

moonpi78 says:

Thanks for posting such great content! I just used your Genesis Mining code to buy 15 TH of bitcoin mining power! Glad to support your channel! My code is UR1wBO. Thanks!

Robin Hood says:

Please do an OmiseGo in a nutshell!

Leon Tancred says:

Are you based in Hong Kong?

TrayDoggThrizal says:

This is why I think the price of Bitcoin is going up so fast. People are buying Altcoins but they need Bitcoin to do it. They don't pay attention to the price. They just want X amount of dollars worth of Bitcoin so they can buy what ever Altcoin they want. they make the trade and it didn't matter how much the bitcoin cost. Since SegWit was implemented that made the process a whole lot easier. once SegWit reaches it's upper limit of speed, bitcoin transactions and it's price will bottle neck again

Computer Guru says:

I am also concerned. There will most likely be a big snap back when spoofy the whale pulls the trigger.

Sean Mosier says:

Price will drop to $3000 in the next two weeks

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