Daily Motivation From Milan, Italy

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I’ve made millions of dollars stock trading, but more importantly, as my several millionaire http://tim.ly/sykesmc students have learned, you can use my strategy to make money from ANYWHERE in the world…in amazing places like one of my favorites, beautiful Milan, Italy…ciao!


Kimberly Hancock says:

You are very Blessed! Thank you for sharing you knowledge!

Joppert Harkema says:

Hey tim, I am 16 years old and thinking of studying your traderchechlist videos, do you think it will be a good idea, i want to start trading as soon as possible

Gamaliel Castro says:


Gamaliel Castro says:

I just downloaded stockstrade, ITS AMAZING! but still new at trading and would like to know what software/broker you use to trade? Im thinking of using scotttrade….

Alessandro M. Lupacchini says:

Man I live very close to milan, I hope to meet you 🙂 Have a nice time here :D

Ralph says:

hey tim… interested in investing penny stocks… however I'm not US citizen… and e-trade doesnt accept non-us resident anymore… can you give me good broker to sign up? my startup balance would be from 500-1000… very interested signing on ur alert too…thanks tim


love your vlog videos tim, very good advice and very motivating. you have a gift for inspiring others . My question is do you have trouble finding an internet connection while u travel, is it difficult day trading from all these different locations?

Andrés BF says:

fucking love you Tim

para paraan says:

great video, I love Italy. pls. visit Philippines too. more power tim

Alvian Handoyo says:

daaaaamn Tim!!hahaha..you make me pump up!thank you so much!!:)

Michael Somer says:

Just finished the Trader Checklist. I'm saving, will keep studying. Thanks Tim.

William Jones says:

My long term goal is to be one of your millionaire students.
Once I back from holiday travel I plan to study 8-10 hours a day 6 days a week for 3 months.
You'll be seeing alot of me.

Jeffrey Thron says:

Tim why don't more people short sell, if you know what your doing its amazing

pepinelduro says:


Manuel Agosto says:

Nice speech! Trader and Coach!

quagmire444 says:

Yo Tim, did you check out NVCN today? A lot of people lost money on it, the weirdest thing happened. I lost $200 so I didn't get hit that hard but the stop dropped 10% or more of its value in 1 second. Was climbing in the pre-mrket, rose back up to break its open and hit 3.10, then it dropped instantly to 2.70 and it made people panic. Someone must have dumped like a few hundred thousand shares and knocked everything out, it was fucking nasty.

I haven't ever seen that happen before. I've seen real panic, but this was so quick no one could react, it was just one sell order that knocked out 40 cents of share value.

N L says:

I like your attitude Tim!

Deontia Andrews says:

man.. ..truly inspirational…one day I will too get there….thanks for sharing

Antonio DeJesus says:

love these videos! I've been studying my ass off for now 2 months. Everyday I have off I'm up at 8am to 7pm or later. study study study. I'm now building my building and still working on first floor. Not caring about trading just learning. Very inspirational. fantastic

Sean Kandel says:

Great Video

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