Daily Update (3/26/2018) | Bitcoin slips lower and conflicts hit Monero

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Monero: https://www.coindesk.com/crypto-kill-switch-monero-going-war-big-miners/

Interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fPqHgLs78c&feature=youtu.be&t=1367


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Tyler S says:

my daily dose of Nicholas

Alan Douglas says:

Thanks Nicholas,

42M views says:

further slide—-

42M views says:

do some more litecoin stuff brother, more interesting. cardano is stupid

42M views says:

#Litecoin #Bitcoin moon soon enough, like two months.

Rick von Don says:

keep it up. realistic positive vibes

Matt H says:

The youtubers are scared to say we're in a long term bear market because all the noobs don't have a short strategy

Johannes Kanter says:

Very insightful interview with Kathleen. As I understand we won't be seeing bitcoin etf before we get some decent regulations for the exchanges right? Good to hear Kathleen sees the future in blockchain though. 🙂

Leisure Tours says:

Talk about a life saver, this book really feels like a personal crystal ball. It educates you about a whole new world of the digital coin era. https://tinyurl.com/y8q4s6c3

santino says:

info is top as always but……….. i must say this : you say "first and foremost" a bit too much – – – -it is annoying – – – – no hate – just my opinion

Jónatas Valério says:

…the more centralized the network is the more exposed to attacks it is!

Milay Halms says:

Can anyone contact me today on how to connect to Gig9..!!

TrinidadLink Live Repairs says:

This is necessary for Monero to remain truly PRIVATE.. No user information available to anyone.. The US government passed a bill allowing them to request information from anyone any company anywhere in the world. About any US citizen.. So I support Monero decision to resist ASIC Miners.. Which will have information about who purchased ASIC Miners for privacy coins.

scottydoeskno328 says:

That video of the Bitcoin ETF interview was fantastic. Really a great find. Had no idea how complex an ETF can be and how long it could actually take to get it approved. Please link more videos like these if you find them.

s3l3r says:

Last chance for promotion on market? ?

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? Instagram: s3l3r
? Twitter: s3l3r
♨ Steemit: s3l3r

mano says:


Eric's Balz says:

Yes, I am optimistic. Optimistic at buying the dip once BTC gets down below at least $6500. My magic 8 Ball says that will be on Thursday!

Samuel Novak says:

https://powh.io/?masternode=0xec90d42ca897f220c8e005aee0562dfb915f0cda only thing making money in this bear market

Andre Cardinal says:

Nick, what is your opinion of trading bots? Good idea, bad idea?

Christian Bernier says:

PoW is flawed… there will always be centralization and/or 51% attacks risks, but the way to go is certainly to not "patch" the micro and well known technological advancement, that will certainly just lead to more stealthy abuse of PoW flaws and the black hats didn't really got into crypto yet, even less alt coins.
PoW is good at the beginning to imbue a value to a coin but then it should move to PoS or better … DPoS

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