Dan Sheridan – Live on TastyTrade: Dan Sheridan Trading For Income

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Dan Sheridan joins Tom Sosnoff and Tony Battista on Get Tasted and talks about trading for income and stock options.

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Craig Castanet, D.C. says:

don johnson's brother

Lafayette Mitchell says:

sosnoff talks too much – he takes 15 minutes to ask a simple quesitons. it's so hard to get any content out of his interivews.

DJNaydee says:

Dan has a great point, as I was one of those Newbies. Had a great first few weeks then as soon as I had a badly loosing couple of week I lost all faith.   Its very tough taking a big loss. 

Wayne Davis says:

lawrence, maybe its you

Goodntag says:

If you watch Tom long enough you realize his breadth of his knowledge and understand that his interrupted delivery is probably an expression of the plethora of instant choices all competing to come out in order to best express the current concept. Be patient and you'll get rewarded.


It's just painful to listen to Sosnoff; maybe he needs alcohol or something so that his con-
versation will flow: please do something or else I will never listen to him again, maybe he has verbal consterpation

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