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GoDo TheMath says:

It's August expiration so Friday is expected to be a bear day. The week after August expiration was down 7 of the last 11, and August is a long month with 4 more bond buying days, the 24th 28th, 29th, and 30th so I'm guessing money will be moving to bonds. My next big long will be small caps on the 30th or 31st going into Labor Day in the US, holding until the 15th which will be triple witching day. It's the end of summer so I'm playing the seasonals.

Reda dea says:

I have advice to you, take short positions and you will be rich, instead of scamming.

Reda dea says:

Danger danger danger fuckin retard and idiot repeating the same shit, do you hear yourself you dumb ass?
Do you even imagine how "Danger danger danger" is annoying?

christensen623 says:

Does anyone know of a free app or low cost good app that allows you to check stocks in real time and analyze data like what's on these videos. Thanks

Ashu Juneja says:

Nothing gonna happen before 20th of September

Flemming Tønnesen says:

This idiot is back

Davis Scott says:

Crash was expected Sept-Dec. Save your wealth in gold. Stock up on goods. And sell your house

Will Grimes says:

futures are already recovering

Joe says:

youtube recommends me to watch the Danger Zone music video based on my interest in this video.

Joe says:

Maaaaaarket update time

George Mazur says:

no danger, keep your free advise and trading to your dumbass self…..buying optty today…loaded up QQQ calls….watch and see

Parmes33 Joghi says:

mr can u pleas tell me how to make profit thank u in advance or can u mail me on parmesjoghi33@gmail.com am from surinam

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