Danger Tax Cut Plan Abandoned! Heavy Stock Market Sell-Off could follow Economic Collapse 2017

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Support This Channel and defend free speech for future generations https://www.patreon.com/user?u=5378678 Border tax deemed impossible and the tax cut plan has been scrapped and the vampires go to work to draft a more acceptable plan it seems more and more the plan is to go back to the old plan and some promises are not meant to be kept stock market could suffer heavy losses as investors begin to find out the truth is not what they thought. the economy could collapse from droves of investors fleeing to preserve their money. hoping for growth and a new strength for American economy the economic collapse is beyond repair


Hvem says:

Thank you for all your work – it really means a lot!

Steve Chamberlain says:

hey you you send me the intro music. I need that for my ringtone.

Bill Rundell says:

He sound like the story book character, "CHICKEN LITTLE".
The sky is falling in….. the sky is falling in.

UniversalCelebrity says:

If US Treasury Prints The Money Than The Fraudulent FED Goes Bankrupt And The World Deficits Get Written Off !!!

UniversalCelebrity says:

Under NESARA Law There Is No Income Tax !!!

harry viking says:

revolution time!!

CryptoKnight10 says:

Trump is a gator , so why would he want the swamp drained????

Silver Bear says:

All this in the US and it's said that Russia will be out of debt by the end of this year.
Russia is doing it right and dems and neocons want war ccrazy

hstone39 says:

This is fucked up.

Doubil Troubil says:


Joshua P says:

it's time for the American people to rise up and say in one loud voice we've had enough

tree says:

sorry to say it, and im sure hes trying his best, but i think trumps been compromised… someone got to him or his family…

gurvirj95v2 says:

Trump is one of them. As establishment as it gets.

Randy Best says:

Government + FED + MSM = Evil!

Franklin Kawano says:

The entire financial system is based on the fiat fraud of the dollar. What difference does the forex,bond or stock market manipulation make. Hopefully the fake Zionist octopus will lose it's sucking power over the systems they fabricated

Super1TruthSeeker says:

New Boss same as the old Boss. They will print/devalue the dollar and the party goes on. Then use our military to cram the use of the dollar down the worlds throats. It's good to be king!!!

..bones!! says:

..its like a slow motion car crash watching all this unfold…

Eki Rasche says:

That is what happens when you trust a politician.

Richard MacCorkindale says:

never beleive anyone in government , red team , blue team , its a false dichotomy their all playing off a single script.

Silver Patriot says:

Every time we send someone that we believe in to Washington it's like a remake of Invasion of the body snatchers! We taxpayers lose AGAIN?!?!

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